Zappos achieves 97.4% Candidate

Last year implemented TalentPitch in their hiring cycle. The online retailer is famous for its unorthodox approach on management, emphasis on customer satisfaction and unique organizational culture. Hiring people that fit in with these traits hasn’t always been easy. TalentPitch helps the Zappos recruitment team with selecting the right people for the right job and inform candidates about the Zappos culture at the same time. We sat down sat down with Hayden Balow, People Data Analyst at to ask him a few questions about the use of TalentPitch at the retail giant.


Applicant Satisfaction

About is an online shoe and clothing shop based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Zappos is famous for its strong company culture and excellent customer service.

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First up, why did you choose TalentPitch?

“At Zappos we place utmost importance on serving our customers and providing a great experience for everyone we interact with. About a year ago, we were rethinking our preselection process. We found it crucial that this new process would connect to this vision of providing a great experience for everyone. When we came in contact with Harver and got a good look at TalentPitch, we knew this could be something that would fit our needs. The fact that each and every candidate would get an elaborate view of the company got us really excited.”

How do you measure applicant satisfaction?

“To make sure we provide applicants with an enjoyable experience, we’ve implemented several feedback loops to collect data on the participant’s perception of TalentPitch. We collect this data on several occasions during the hiring process:

– First, after each applicant completes the TalentPitch (whether they are hired or not)
– Second, when the hired applicants complete their training
– Third, after new hires have been on the job for 45 days”

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Hayden Balow
People Data Analyst

“We are excited that we have been able to build an application process that creates a positive experience for our applicants.”

Can you tell us something about the results so far?

“We want to make it absolutely sure we are accurately representing the Zappos culture and provide applicants a realistic job preview during the application process. The feedback we receive tells us if we’re on the right track or not.

And we are! After a year, 97% of all the applicants we asked, ‘agreed’ or ‘agreed strongly’ that they’ve had a positive application experience when they first completed the Zappos TalentPitch. Something that was also interesting to see where the open feedback answers. 20% of the applicants stated the process was ‘fun’. This is noteworthy because the experience includes a battery of tests including a personality test, situational judgment test and multitasking tests. Generally it can be difficult to let applicants finish the test let alone consider the process ‘fun’. Furthermore, 18% of the answers stated the process was ‘great’. Other comments reported TalentPitch being fresh, entertaining, unique and enjoyable.”

What are your ideas for the future?

“We will continue to collect feedback and iterate the process. So far, the feedback has been very positive and has given us the confidence that we’ve created an exceptional experience for our applicants.

It is very rewarding to see that we’re reaching the goals we set from the beginning with TalentPitch. Our aim was to not just feed the applicant a battery of tests, but to provide an informative, immersive and above all fun experience that shows the company, people and the job the way they are. In the meantime, TalentPitch provides our analytics and recruiting teams with the data to help make great decisions for the future of Zappos.”