We evaluate the performance of the TalentPitch with every client. Last week, we spoke to Marjolein Postma-Bijvoets who is a recruiter at a.s.r. We asked her about the results and the effect of the TalentPitch on her work and that of her colleagues. 

Marjolein: “At a.s.r. we’re constantly busy increasing the performance and quality of our customer service, that’s why we’ve chosen the TalentPitch. The only way for an organization to excel in this field, is to have people on board who do so. I receive a lot of positive feedback from the team managers, they notice a significant increase in the quality of our new hires!”

“We also receive a lot of feedback from the candidates. They admit it’s a pretty demanding test that requires some concentration, but gives a good idea about what working at a.s.r. means. The recruiters at a.s.r. are also very satisfied with the TalentPitch. Some of them were a bit sceptical in the beginning, but now they all trust on the judgement of the TalentPitch.”

For the future, we’re planning on using the TalentPitch in more areas of our business. For more, specific vacancies, internal applicants or as a baseline measurement for team managers for example. The TalentPitch provides a lot of insights into points of improvement for employees.

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