Hiring for Culture Add vs Culture Fit

Culture add vs culture fit

There is a proven correlation between a company with a defined culture and its financial success, and very few other factors play such a critical role in business success. Which is why, for the last 20 years, the focus has been on hiring for culture fit.  However, hiring for culture fit can encourage pro-group think […]

The Holistic Approach to Decreasing Attrition Rates in Hourly Volume Hiring

Decrease attrition in hourly hiring

For too long extreme attrition rates for hourly volume hiring has been considered the cost of doing business at BPOs, retailers, QSRs, call centers, supermarkets etc.  But just because your business relies on volume hiring to meet staffing needs, doesn’t mean you have to accept a higher than average employee turnover rate.  In fact, making […]

Talent Analytics: Overview and How to Get Started

Talent analytics

While talent analytics at its core is a great idea, we’ve found too often companies collect tons of data without actually needing it, or without knowing what to do with it or how to interpret it.  In 2016, only 8% of companies had a strong talent analytics function. Today, that figure is slightly higher at […]

How to Speed Up the Volume Hiring Process for Contact Center & BPO Positions

Contact center assessments

NICE’s 2022 contact center survey found that the average contact center attrition rate for in 2021 was 42%, in the region of the pre-pandemic numbers. Bigger companies were more affected by the Great Resignation than smaller ones, and BPOs were more impacted than contact centers. The survey found that organizations with up to 1,000 agents […]

State of Recruitment Marketing in 2022: Main Highlights

Recruitment marketing

Companies who do high-volume recruitment often say that their biggest problem is not being able to find good candidates. Yet, even in a tight labor market, there are plenty of people looking for jobs. So what’s actually happening? What are employers doing wrong? It’s usually one of the two: they either rely on linear and outdated […]

Choosing Pre-Employment Assessments for Hourly Hospitality Roles

Assessments for Hospitality@2x

Decreasing employee attrition in hospitality starts with taking a hard look at the hiring process. Overhauling the candidate selection flow ensures that only the best fitting applicants move forward to the interview stage. And by best fitting, we mean candidates who have the personality traits, characteristics, and skills to not just survive in the hospitality business, […]

How to Build an Employee Value Proposition: Complete Guide

Building an EVP

If you’re struggling to attract new talent in the current tight job market, old school recruitment marketing tactics won’t work. The relationship between employer and employee has changed.  With the wealth of remote work and flexible opportunities now available, attracting top talent has become a whole lot harder, and employers need to offer much more […]

Candidate Screening Methods for Volume Hiring: Making Tech Work for You

Candidate Screening Methods for Volume Hiring@2x

Automating candidate screening is essential in volume hiring. When you’re hiring at scale, everything happens at scale – more job applicants, more work for recruiters, more time, more expense. Every challenge is bigger and more complex, and when you’re screening thousands of candidates at a time, traditional screening methods can’t handle the pace and screening […]