10 Ways to Manage Candidate Job Expectations and Improve Retention

Job Expectations

The new hire retention rate is believed to be a problem with about 90% of hiring teams, and behind most of such early turnover are the failed new hire expectations. They have expectations about the duties they’ll perform in their day-to-day job life, the working hours, company culture, and so on. However, when these expectations differ […]

7 Simple Steps To Successful Retail Onboarding (That Boost Both Retention And Productivity)

Retail Onboarding

From higher retention to improved new-hire productivity, a good onboarding program has many benefits for retail companies, especially because these businesses report some of the highest employee turnover rates across all industries. Yet, a lot of retail businesses fail to develop a structured onboarding process. This lack of proper retail onboarding puts the retail workforce […]

7 Essential Tips For Hiring Top Remote Employees (Who Fit)

Hiring Remote Employees

Whether it’s allowing remote work on certain days every week, opening up a few roles to remote working, or setting up 100% remote teams, companies of all sizes are exploring the “remote work” style. Access to better talents, a cut on costs, and improved productivity make building a remote workforce appealing to employers. And candidates, […]

7 BPO Recruitment Strategies For Hiring The Best Talent

BPO Recruitment Strategies

The ever-so-growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry often struggles with recruitment. Whether it’s skill shortages, fast-catching automation trends, or simply the evolving nature of customer-facing operations, BPO service providers need to constantly work towards finding and recruiting quality candidates. On top of these challenges, the changing political mood on the outsourcing or offshoring aspect of […]

7 Ways To Optimize Your (Large) Enterprise Recruitment Process

Enterprise Recruitment

According to Gartner, a midsize enterprise is an organization that has about 100 to 999 employees. And large scale enterprises, as most sources suggest, are corporations or organizations that have 1,000+ employees. Sometimes, 5,000+. That’s why the enterprise recruitment process in these companies has its specifics and unique challenges. Now, because the average employee rate […]

How To Build A Great Recruiting Dashboard (In 3 Simple Steps)

Making sense of all the recruitment data your company collects can be a nightmare for any recruiter, even if you’re one of the more tech-savvy ones. The sheer number of tools a data-driven recruitment strategy uses, the different data silos they create, and the way they leave some of the most critical recruitment metrics (such […]

7 Tips To Improve Your Hyper-Growth Hiring Strategy

The growth phase is one of the most interesting and challenging phases for a company. How you perform and scale during this stage determines your company’s future. And because people and teams lie at the center of such growth, your hiring strategy becomes uber-critical during this expansion stage. Accuracy in estimating your hiring needs, establishing […]

7 Most Serious Retail Recruitment Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Retail Recruitment Challenges

As one of the leading industries in terms of employment (contributing to up to 12% of all jobs), the retail industry’s recruitment challenges, too, are huge. And because retail recruitment is so unique, so are its challenges. Staggering turnover rates, cut-throat competition for acquiring local talent, and volatile needs because of business seasonality — which […]

11 Best Recruitment Blogs To Read In 2019

Best Recruitment Blogs 2019

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an in-house recruiter for a Fortune 500 company or a recruiting consultant for a bootstrapped startup, recruiting is never easy. But to help you stay on top of your recruitment game, we’ve handpicked these eleven best recruitment blogs that you must add to your 2019 reading routine. Here goes! ZipRecruiter […]