4 Proven Solutions for an Efficient Logistics Recruitment Process

Tech-Driven Solutions for an Efficient Logistics Recruitment Process

Tech-driven solutions are there to make our lives as recruiters easier. They help automate mundane or repetitive tasks, streamline hiring processes, and help us stay in touch with candidates more efficiently. But even with so many benefits, some logistics recruiters are slow to implement technology, because they fear they’ll lose their autonomy and the human […]

Logistics Recruitment Automation: Tools and Best Practices

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Automating your recruitment processes has the power to radically transform the way you work. With technology playing an ever-growing role in the way we hire, automation helps move that process along as efficiently as possible.  But not all recruitment tools are created equal; in fact, most software on the market is designed for regular recruitment. […]

Volume Hiring in Manufacturing: A Complete Guide

Volume Hiring in Manufacturing

High volume recruiting in any industry can be a challenge, but when it comes to manufacturing, finding enough skilled workers to fill your open positions requires strategy. Because manufacturing positions often require experience as technicians, plant managers, or assemblers — all positions that require extensive training — you need to know all the ins and outs […]

Centralizing Recruitment in Retail: 7 Best Practices for Volume Hiring

Centralizing Volume Hiring in Retail

Retail is an industry that typically relies on volume hiring for entry-level jobs. With busy seasons in the summer and winter, bringing on a large number of employees to handle the influx of shoppers is necessary.  But when it comes to recruiting for these positions, most retail companies rely on a decentralized model. Each store […]

Why Routing Candidates is Key to Talent Pool Optimization in Retail

Why Rerouting Candidates is Key to Talent Pool Optimization in Retail

Because retail vacancies often have few requirements for entry-level roles, they’re great for candidates looking for their first job, part-time positions, or a career switch. As a result, retail companies often get dozens of applicants at once, especially around busier seasons like summer and the holidays.  The number of retail applicants has gone up since […]

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics: What and How to Measure

Recruitment Metrics What and How to Measure

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce has been a major initiative for many companies over the last few years and substantial resources have been spent on diversity initiatives. However, only 23% of HR professionals believe their D&I programs are highly effective. Overall, there seems to be a mismatch in how organizations design their diversity policies […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Multitasking Test for Hiring

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Multitasking is a skill that’s often overlooked in recruitment, and sometimes for good reason. Multitaskers get a reputation for being easily distracted or lacking focus, and multitasking in general can be seen as a culprit for fatigue and loss of productivity. But the truth is, it can be a necessary evil the ability to multitask […]

How to Close the Talent Gap at Your Organization

How to close the talent gap at your organization

The talent gap is a huge (and expensive) problem for many organizations. When employees lack the skills companies need to stay competitive, workers and the organizations themselves struggle meet operational demands and plan for the future.  But unfortunately, as much as we wish it would, the talent gap isn’t going to close itself. Organizations and […]

11 of the Best Recruitment Books for 2021

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The world of recruiting is always evolving, and this year — faster than ever. Where just a few years ago, it made sense to make hiring decisions based on resumes and cover letters alone, today there are dozens of factors that come into play, and it can be daunting to stay on top of  new […]