9 Pillars of An Effective Hiring Process

Effective Hiring Process

There are a lot of metaphors we could use to describe just how difficult it is to find the right person for an open job position. Like finding a needle in a haystack… like picking a four-leaf clover… You get the picture. It’s difficult. Especially when you’re frantically combing through applications and resumes trying to […]

Matching Technology in Recruitment Explained 

Matching Technology In Recruitment

Getting the right people on board is critical for companies of every size in every industry. If your recruiting process isn’t effective in terms of quality, time, and cost, you’ll suffer the consequences of poor hiring for years to come. Organizations are finding more and more that relevant data can help improve the way they […]

9 Tips for Measuring and Assessing Soft Skills in Your Contact Center Hiring Process

Volume hiring process bottlenecks

Contact centers are the first line of defense when a customer has a problem or question, or when they want to buy a product. In order to be successful in their roles, they require some specific soft skills. Soft skills, like problem-solving and communication, make it easier for employees to connect with (potential) clients and […]

12 Recruiting KPIs to Measure Success

From getting your job postings in front of the right people to interviewing qualified applicants and eventually onboarding the right hire, recruitment can be a big investment. As with any significant time- and financial investment, you want to be sure your money and energy are going towards the right places––especially in a time when resources […]

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Rehiring Former Employees

Rehiring Former Employees

It’s never an easy decision to let go of an employee, especially one you think has potential. But as the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown, sometimes that decision is out of your control. With businesses around the world forced to close, unemployment increased rapidly. Many companies had to make the financial decision to let some […]

9 Useful Tips for Effective Remote Onboarding

Remote Onboarding

COVID-19 has pushed most of the world to make a lot of changes over the past couple of months. But while we’re all itching to get back to “normal,” one thing is unlikely to change completely––going back to the office. Post-pandemic, almost three-quarters of companies intend to shift at least part of their workforce to […]

10 Great Online HR Courses to Follow in 2020

Online HR Courses

With so much of the world spending the majority of time in their homes, there has never been a better time to learn a new skill. While podcasts and books are a great place to start, nothing beats a digital course that helps you refine your HR skills or even learn something new. Regardless of […]

10 Best HR Podcasts For Talent Professionals In 2020

HR Podcasts 2020

Podcasts are having their moment. From true crime stories to business advice, podcasts are quickly becoming the go-to content for people all around the world. And the podcast love makes sense. They’re great for a commute, when you’re doing admin tasks at your desk, or just to unwind when doing chores. But above all, podcasts […]

9-Step Guide to Shortlisting Candidates For An Interview

You’ve posted a new job listing and the applicants are pouring in. You’re getting lots of strong candidates and you’re excited about your prospects, but weeding through the pile of applicants can quickly feel overwhelming. According to just over half (52%) of talent acquisition leaders, identifying the right candidates from a large pool of applicants […]