Tight vs Loose Labor Markets: How to Prepare for Labor Market Changes when Volume Hiring

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Recruitment experts are referring to this time as the “Great Resignation,” as more workers quit their jobs for better pay and protection from COVID-19. Around the world, companies across various industries are struggling with staffing amid the tight labor market, including retail, restaurants, healthcare, and more. The truth is, labor market ebbs and flows are […]

Why Volume Hiring Technology Is a Category of Its Own

Although the human resources and talent acquisition industry is lagging behind when it comes to tech adoption, recruiting technology is being used more and more to work more efficiently and put the right people in the right roles.  What spurred the rise of recruiting technology? While the trend started before the COVID-19, the pandemic accelerated […]

Hiring for Roles vs Hiring for Skills in Volume Recruitment

Hiring for Roles vs. Hiring for Skills in Volume Recruitment

More often than not, employers assess a candidate’s fit for a specific role rather than culture and organizational fit as a whole. Yet, what we see again and again in the volume hiring space is that a candidate’s skills and attitude predict job performance much more accurately than previous industry experience. This is especially true […]

How to Scale Interview Scheduling in Volume Hiring

How to Scale Interview Scheduling in Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring presents several challenges that simply don’t come up in regular recruiting. As a recruiter, you’re already juggling multiple tasks at once, which is amplified tenfold when you’re hiring at scale. When you’re recruiting for a smaller number of roles at once, as is often the case in corporate recruitment, interview scheduling is much […]

10 Tactics to Reduce Employee Turnover in Manufacturing

Tactics to Reduce Employee Turnover in Manufacturing Roles

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to high employee turnover, and right now, it’s in the midst of a hiring crisis that’s leaving employers scrambling. While the industry did manage to recoup 63% of jobs lost during the pandemic, the remaining 570,000 jobs have yet to be added back.  Now, it’s expected that nearly 3.5 […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process Efficiency in QSR

Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process Efficiency in QSR

The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is currently dealing with a tight labor market and an unrelenting war for talent. According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry 2020 report, three in 10 restaurant operators reported having trouble filling open QSR roles.  There’s a shortage of workers, so the industry operates on a first-come, […]

How to Scale Volume Hiring Without Increasing Recruiter Headcount

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Volume hiring is a continuous challenge for recruiters looking to scale up their efforts as their company grows. Just finding the right candidate for a position is challenging, however, doing so at scale in a short window of time may feel downright impossible – even for the most strategic talent acquisition teams around. Does this […]

How to Staff Quick-Service Restaurant Locations in Tough Markets

Recruitment Automation in QSR_ Staff Restaurant Locations in Tough-to-Fill Markets

According to QSR Magazine, at the beginning of 2020, only 13% of limited-service restaurants were fully staffed in hourly, non-management positions, and 40% of restaurants were saying they’re severely understaffed. While this problem isn’t new, staffing restaurant locations seems to be more difficult in the post-pandemic world, where unemployed Americans make as much staying at […]