11 Tips to Increase Career Site Traffic in Volume Hiring

Attract visitors to your career site

Your careers site might be great at converting job seekers into applicants, but what use is that if you don’t have enough traffic coming to your website in the first place?  When you’re hiring for multiple roles at once, you need a constant flow of candidate traffic coming to your careers site from various sources. […]

9 Ways to Reduce No-Shows in Hourly Volume Hiring

Decrease attrition in hourly hiring

Candidates not showing up for job interviews is frustrating at best. Not only do no-shows waste hiring managers’ time and use up valuable interview slots, but it can be a real administrative burden to reschedule no-shows too.  And the really unfortunate part is that interview no-shows happen a lot in volume hiring. When you’re recruiting […]

7 Common Process Bottlenecks in Volume Hiring & How to Fix Them

Process problems in volume hiring

If hiring in the candidate shortage is a real challenge for your organization right now, it’s worth asking yourself this: Is it really the market that’s the problem, or could there be some bottlenecks in our recruitment process that are costing us quality candidates?  Bottlenecks are stages of the recruitment process that create inefficiencies or […]

Hiring Fast Food Workers: Skills to Assess and Sample Selection Flow

Hiring Fast Food Workers@2x

Last year, we saw the ‘fight for $15’ movement drive the minimum wage up to $15 an hour for the first time. And for many fast-food restaurants who suddenly found themselves struggling to find workers, there’s also been a real temptation to over-simplify the application process just to get people through the door. But using one-click apply, […]

7 Powerful Ways to Showcase Your Workplace Culture During Recruitment

Showcasing Your Workplace Culture During the Application Process@2x

If you ask job seekers what’s the most important factor when looking for a new job in the post-pandemic reality, they’ll inevitably say it’s the company culture; in other words, the combined values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of the organization. Culture makes people feel that they “fit in”, and defines the boundaries within which work […]

Candidate Selection Flow Example for Contact Center and BPO Roles

Candidate Selection Flow Example for Contact Center and BPO Roles

The contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is growing fast. The BPO market alone is expected to hit $435 million by 2028 and is growing at a rate of 8.5% annually.  To support this kind of growth, your recruiting team are going to need to hire a lot of great call and live chat agents. And […]

10 Things High-Volume Recruitment Leaders Do Differently

Things High-Volume Recruitment Leaders Do Differently@2x

What do successful recruitment leaders do differently from those who struggle to get the right results from their hiring process? At Harver, we work with a lot of brands in high-volume recruiting industries like call centres, hospitality, retail and BPOs. And our experience working closely with brands has shown us over time that there are […]

Building a Candidate Selection Flow for Retail Roles [Example Included]

Candidate Selection Flow Example for Retail Roles@2x

Like many industries, the retail sector is dealing with a tight labor market right now.  But the biggest challenge for hiring managers isn’t so much finding enough job candidates for their retail roles, but how things work out once new hires are on the shop floor.  Poor quality of hire and high attrition rates are the […]

Behavioral Interviews: Best Practices when Hiring Hourly Workers

Behavior-Based Interviewing

Technology has revolutionized how hiring managers are able to screen candidates online, but structured interviews still have an important place in the recruitment process – even in volume hiring.  Behavioral interviews are a proven way to reveal certain candidate traits that would be difficult to show in virtual assessments or online screening.  When hiring hourly […]