How to Choose Enterprise Pre-Employment Testing Software

How to Choose Enterprise Pre-employment Assessment Software

Enterprise pre-employment testing software is a big investment for any company. And there’s a reason that picking the right tool to invest in is so important. For enterprise companies that rely on volume hiring or matching candidates to specific roles, scouring through a pile of CVs just isn’t practical in today’s working environment.  It’s getting […]

How to Get Clients for Your Staffing Agency

How to Get Clients for a Staffing Agency

We all know the staffing industry is competitive. What’s becoming more apparent many organizations are now facing hiring budget cuts and cost consolidation and it’s increasingly difficult to win more business as a staffing agency. Not only do you need to find a distinct competitive advantage to remain relevant in the tough market, but you […]

Job Requisition: All You Need to Know

Job Requisition

Job requisition is an essential step in the hiring process. Not only does it help businesses prioritize their hiring needs, streamline the recruiting process and make better choices, but it can also act as a checks and balances system.  Implementing job requisitions into the hiring process means recruiters will have a clear idea about what […]

9 Recruitment Best Practices for Staffing Agencies

Recruitment Best Practices For Staffing Agencies

As a staffing agency, you need to have a strong recruitment process in place to differentiate yourself in the competitive staffing market and win contracts. So, how can you make sure that your process is effective and efficient, especially as recruiting continues to be more remote-based? According to a survey, 51% of recruiters have recently […]

10 Best Staffing Agency Software Solutions

Staffing Agency Software

Digital transformation is now the top operational challenge for staffing agencies. Recently published stats show 85% of staffing businesses believe that they must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive. However, only 39% of companies have automated some part of their recruitment efforts, even though sourcing is still the top challenge for agencies. The good news […]

7 Top Candidate Assessments Staffing Agencies Should Use

Candidate Assessments For Staffing Agencies

The main goal of staffing agencies is to help their clients hire the best people for their roles—doing so makes it easier to win more in business. And in today’s changing labor market, staffing agencies need to make sure that they’re not only finding the best possible people but also that they’re doing it in […]

How to Assess Your Candidates for Job Fit

Job Fit Assessment

Talent professionals always want to find the best person for the job and the organization.  Organizational or culture fit has been gaining importance in recent years but assessing for job fit is no less vital. If a job isn’t a good fit for a candidate, at the very least, they’ll get bored. According to a […]

7 Steps to Effective Talent Planning

Talent Planning

People are your most valuable assets—especially when your organization and the whole economy is going through a rough time. The way to get through it is to focus on the talent you have, and the talent you can hire to make your business successful. A McKinsey survey found companies with structures in place to manage […]

Internal Mobility: All You Need to Know

Internal Mobility

The situation on the global labor market and in recruitment is changing rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn. Many organizations have implemented hiring freezes and anticipate a decline in external hiring in the near future. So right now, it is a great time to have a close look at the […]