11 Innovative Uses Of AI In Recruitment In 2020

AI In Recruitment 2020

The use of AI in recruitment is growing, as is the recruiting software market. While only 10% of organizations currently make high or very high use of AI in recruitment, 36% of organizations expect the use to be high or very high in the next two years. Slowly but surely, AI is finding its way […]

How To Write An RFP For Recruiting Software [+ Template!]

RFP Recruiting Software

Looking for the right recruiting software can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. There are heaps of different solutions on the market and new providers keep popping up. So, where to start? By defining the challenges you’re facing and the improvements you want to make, for example. Once you’ve done that, […]

7 Steps For Successful Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

In a business environment that is constantly evolving, you need to be smart about who you’re hiring and how they can help you achieve your business goals. This means putting careful thought and consideration into the (future) skills of your workforce: the employees you already have on board, the ones that need further development, and […]

9 Ways To Build And Manage Your Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Recruiters these days have to be smart. It’s hard enough to find great candidates as it is, so why risk losing top talent just because they didn’t cut it this time for this particular role? In fact, why not build a relationship with them and keep them interested instead? How? By building and managing a talent pool! What is […]

6 Best Innovative Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Recruitment Marketing Strategies

As the number of businesses in your niche is constantly growing, the top talent now has more job opportunities to choose from. For recruiters, this means that finding and hiring qualified candidates is now more difficult than ever. In today’s candidate-driven job market, it’s not recruiters that choose candidates anymore. It’s the candidates who get to […]

The Complete Guide To 21st Century Candidate Selection

Candidate Selection

More than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci created the first resume ever. Fast forward to 2020, and many of us still use the CV as the primary instrument to make hiring decisions. That seems a little weird, doesn’t it? Especially considering how much innovation we’ve seen over the last five centuries in all areas […]

11 Hottest Recruiting Trends For 2019

Recruiting Trends 2019

Recruitment requires a lot of creativity these days. In a job market that is largely candidate-driven, recruiters need to be on it left, right, and center in order to find the talent their organization so desperately needs. That includes being aware of the current and rising trends in the recruitment land. Let’s start with a […]

9 Intriguing Uses of AI in Recruitment in 2019

AI in Recruitment 2019

The use of AI in recruitment isn’t a trend. Because trends tend to blow over at some point. If you’re old enough to know the Spice Girls (if not, just Google them), you may remember the hilarious platforms shoes they used to wear in the nineties. Now, that’s what we like to call a trend. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Predictive Hiring

Predictive Hiring

As long as we humans have been walking around on this planet we call the Earth, we’ve been obsessed with the possibility of predicting the future. The ancient Greeks had their Oracle of Delphi to consult about important political and war decisions. And throughout the Middle Ages, fortune-telling and divination were extremely popular. That innate […]