7 Ways to Assess Organizational Fit

Organizational Fit

When you hire new people you want them to be the best possible candidate for the job, of course. You can use various ways to assess their skills and competencies and use realistic job previews to give them a taste of what their future job will be like. But guess what? The candidates that emerge […]

Machine Learning In Recruitment & How To Do It Right

Machine Learning In Recruitment

For quite some time now, artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning, have been a hot topic. Countless industries apply this technology in various ways to automate – and optimize – all kinds of processes. Recruitment included. In fact, machine learning in recruitment is often presented almost as a miracle solution. Are you struggling […]

How To Hire High Performing Hospitality Employees

Decreasing Employee Attrition in QSR

The hospitality industry in Europe provides for 1 in every 13 jobs. As such, it’s one of the largest sectors on the continent in terms of employment. It’s also one of the biggest employers of young people; 19.6% of the hospitality workforce is younger than 25, compared to 8.2% of the total workforce. But you […]

Full Cycle Recruiting: Your Ultimate Guide

The challenge of having to fill a position is a long, costly and often painful process. As always, time is of the essence and you need to recruit someone sooner rather than later. The last thing you need when you’re filling a role is an inefficient hiring process. This brings us to today’s topic – one […]

7 Tips For Hiring Generation Z Employees

Hiring Generation Z

While many of us are busy finding new ways to attract, hire and retain Millenials and Baby Boomers, it’s Generation Z that’s slowly but surely entering the working world. Generation Z – also referred to as Digital Natives, Gen Wii and the iGeneration – is the batch that comes after Generation Y (the notorious Millennials). […]

13 Innovative Recruitment Methods Top Recruiters Use

Innovative Recruitment Methods

There are some things us recruiters just can’t have enough of. Like, candidates. Or LinkedIn connections. Or imagination sparking – innovative recruitment methods. Finding the best candidates has never been as tough as it is today. Baby boomers are retiring left, right and center, Millennials are freelancing away, and Generation Z has only just started […]

Recruiting Trends 2018 [Update June]

Big recruiting trends in 2018 are AI, Chatbots, Data and Candidate Experience. But besides the famous ones, there are a lot more developments going on in the recruiting industry.  In fact, technological developments in general are going at such as fast pace that we human beings can’t learn quickly enough to keep up with them. […]

6 Pre-Employment Assessments Retail Recruiters Should Know

It’s no secret that many retailers struggle to keep their staff. Turnover rates in the retail industry have been sky-high for years and so far no real improvement has been made. In fact, it seems as if they are surging rather than declining. Not a great situation to be in. Especially when it can cost […]

7 Key Recruitment Metrics every Recruiter Should Know

Recruitment metrics on various devices

A little while ago we wrote about measuring the quality of hire (QoH). If you want to get the full picture of how you and your team are doing though, quality of hire should be connected with other key recruitment metrics. Because linked together, they can give you valuable insights into every single part of your recruitment […]