8 Ways to Attract Hourly Workers During a Talent Shortage

Retailers, restaurants and other industries heavily reliant on hourly workers are finding themselves in a pickle. Despite positive indicators that these industries are growing and businesses are ready to hire, talent to fill these roles is hard to come by. The worker shortage is being felt across industries, but is especially dire for restaurants where […]

High Volume Hiring Experience: The Candidate vs. The Recruiter Perspective

Virtual interviews

Every challenge is bigger and more complex in volume recruitment. When screening thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of candidates, traditional recruitment processes begin to break down. Resume screening becomes overwhelming, and interview scheduling never ends. The cycle is always on, with a constant stream of requisitions that need to be filled. In the midst of these […]

Introducing the Two-Way Matching Framework: Candidate Selection at Scale

Two-Way Candidate Matching Framework

In comparison to more specialized roles, entry-level candidates for higher volume, lower complexity jobs are rarely afforded an opportunity to fully evaluate the role they applied for. In high-touch application processes, candidates have multiple interviews to evaluate the opportunity and ask their most pressing questions. At scale, when hiring quickly is a priority, organizations need […]

Call-Type Matching vs. Vacancy-Driven Matching

Matching technology call type matching vs vacancy driven matching

Hiring the right candidates efficiently is mission-critical for talent-driven organizations like BPOs, which rely on entry-level agents to be the face of their business. To do this, talent teams need to select and engage top talent before their competitors. However, most organizations make the mistake of putting the vacancy first, and the candidate second.  Traditional […]

10 Tactics to Decrease Employee Turnover in Retail

Retail employee turnover leads to a vicious cycle of constant sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training that drains time from store managers and money from your business. According to the National Retail Federation, retail turnover is regularly above 60%, more than 3X the all-industry average. For part-time, hourly employees, the number is even higher.  Not only […]

Warehouse Recruitment Automation: What a Fully Digital Process Looks Like

Warehouse Recruitment Automation

For any business operating warehouses or fulfillment centres, meeting consistent demand for high-quality staff is critical to business operations. And, with labor making up between 50-60% of the total cost of warehouse operations, having the right recruitment and retention strategy is just as important for the health of the bottom line as it is for […]

What a Fully Digital Recruitment and Selection Process Looks Like

What a Fully Digital Recruitment and Selection Process Looks Like

In the past decade, the priority of digitizing hiring has fluctuated with changes in the labor market and competed with other organizational priorities. Over the last few years, competition for top talent has become more demanding, and TA leaders looking for a competitive advantage turned to emerging technologies to source, attract, select, and ultimately hire the […]

4 Steps to Decrease Call Center Attrition

Employee attrition has long been thought of as a necessary evil for call centers and BPOs, due to the nature of the chat agent role – entry-level, with limited requirements – and the average profile of the applicant pool.  But when it costs you on average $7500 to train a new agent and takes upwards […]

The 4 Leading Causes of Contact Center Attrition & How to Overcome Them

Call center agent next to his work desk

Employee attrition is the number one challenge for talent teams in the contact center world, the industry average being between 30-45%. This is nearly three times higher than the US average, so it makes us wonder if the factors causing the high employee turnover in call center recruitment are unique.  Many call centers and BPOs […]