How to Improve Process Efficiency in Volume Hiring

Process efficiency in volume hiring

High-volume recruiting campaigns can be riddled with inefficiencies without HR teams even realizing. This is usually because in-house recruitment processes gradually evolve. Consequently, a certain lack of efficiency is accepted as the norm.  Often, high-volume recruitment drives are just scaled-up versions of manual hiring processes initially intended for fewer roles and smaller businesses. As a […]

How to Choose the Right Hiring Criteria for Entry-Level Roles: Process Overview

Process problems in volume hiring

When hiring for entry-level roles, selecting candidates based on their past experience can lead to poor quality hires and early attrition, due to misaligned expectations and a poor job fit. We see it in retail, contact centers, hospitality, warehousing. Yet, companies continue to make resume-based decisions when hiring for low-complexity jobs. This happens despite the […]

8 Essential Skills for Retail Employees & How to Assess Them

Essential Soft Skills for Retail Employees & How to Assess Them

History has shown that the retail labor market ebbs and flows. However, at the time of writing, it’s facing a series of challenges impacting employees, recruiters, and businesses alike. The sector is currently experiencing a post-Covid labor shortage. According to the Department of Labor, there are an estimated 965,000 open jobs in the retail industry. […]

5 Practical Solutions for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Retail

Diversity and Inclusion in Retail

In all settings, diversity is as beneficial as it is necessary. Although the research on the topic is monumental, you don’t need to sift through piles of data, studies, and research papers to know this.  Retail workers interact with customers face-to-face every day. Then, when you consider your workforce provides a physical indication of your […]

5 Skills to Look for in Manufacturing Workers & How to Assess Them

Production Worker Skills to Look for When Hiring for Manufacturing Roles

For years the American manufacturing industry has suffered from labor shortages, and during the pandemic, the labor market has become even tighter. In fact, despite lockdown restrictions easing, there are still around 515,000 jobs that need filling for the manufacturing sector to break even on its employment levels before COVID-19.  Despite the thousands of jobs on […]

Choosing Pre-Employment Assessments for Entry-Level Logistics Roles

x Pre-Employment Assessments to Use when Hiring for Logistics Roles

Although the need for logistics continues to snowball, there’s a noticeable shortage of applicants. Often, a wide range of entry-level roles needs filling, requiring companies to source significant numbers of applicants. But, finding the right talent for these high-volume logistics roles is difficult, with hiring managers often having to comb through mountains of unsuitable applications […]

Choosing Contact Center Software for Automating Volume Hiring

Contact center recruiters who deal with high volumes of applicants often use multiple tools to source, assess, select and track candidates.  But this raises two issues. On the one hand, recruiters have to continuously switch between systems. Not only is this an annoying time-waster, but it’s also much harder to monitor the entirety of the […]

How to Streamline Your Retail Volume Hiring Strategy

Volume Hiring Strategy

In 2020 we’ve processed over 12M applications through our recruiting platform, and a big part of these was for high-volume retail clients. Although the profiles of our retail customers vary, they have two things in common: They typically hire more than 3,000 candidates per year, and They often come to us looking for a replacement […]