Measuring the Effectiveness of Pre-Employment Assessments in Volume Recruitment

Measuring Effectiveness of Assessments@2x

Companies in the volume hiring space who are just starting to digitalize their recruitment process will often lean on a mix of manual and digital operations as part of their hiring journey. For example, perhaps you already use digital assessments, but you interpret the results manually. The problem with this is that it introduces bias […]

How Volume Hiring Employers Can Navigate the Shortage of Recruiters

Shortage of Recruiters@2x

There is currently a widespread shortage of workers across multiple industries and job levels, and talent acquisition is no exception. According to data from LinkedIn, there were almost 7 times more recruiter jobs posted in June 2021 compared to the previous year. Even in an organization that hires for a handful of roles at any […]

How to Use Competency Mapping in Volume Hiring

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Businesses in the volume hiring space traditionally select candidates for roles manually, and many decisions are often based on a candidate’s past experience. However, when it comes to hiring for entry-level hourly positions, this is not the smartest approach. Experience does not necessarily equate to future success, which is why recruiters must identify the specific […]

Building a Candidate-Centric Recruitment Process in Volume Hiring

In the volume hiring space, it’s common practice for hiring managers to moonlight on their day-to-day tasks and be required to act as recruiters. The problem is, there’s only so much time and energy they can realistically channel into recruiting while juggling multiple responsibilities, which means the candidate experience often gets little to no attention.  […]

6 Volume Hiring Best Practices to Start Implementing Today

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How do you handle high-volume hiring in your organization? Volume hiring often forces companies to deal with vast numbers of candidates, multiple locations, managers who must double up as recruiters, and tech stacks that are not suitable to fulfill these demands. This can lead to a clunky, time-consuming, ineffective hiring process for your recruitment team […]

How Recruitment Agility Helps Overcome Talent Shortages in Hourly Hiring

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that their HR departments are falling behind when it comes to digitization, and the onslaught of the pandemic has only highlighted this. The impact of sticking with slow, manual, outdated processes and operations has a relatively small (but still noticeable) impact in regular recruitment, but this is magnified in the […]

What to Look for in a Video Interviewing Tool for Volume Hiring

How to Scale Interview Scheduling in Volume Hiring

60% of HR managers have used—or are currently using—a type of video interviewing solution for the interview process. Meanwhile, a poll of HR leaders found that 86% of organizations implemented virtual technology to interview candidates during the pandemic.   It comes as no surprise that human resources are utilizing technology to reduce the need for phone screening, phone interviews, face-to-face […]

​​​​​Data-Driven Recruitment: Overview & How to Get Started

Data-Driven Recruitment

Over the past few years, the job market has become more volatile than many of us have ever known it in our lifetime. Employment rates have plummeted, shifted across industries, and continued on an unpredictable and erratic trajectory. With no sign of employment stabilizing any time soon, businesses in the volume hiring space must have […]