New Glassdoor Feature to Make Recruitment More Responsive with Up-to-the-Minute Updates and Openings

The recruitment world is an ever-changing one, and new technology is constantly advancing the relationships employers can build with job-seekers. Now the career site Glassdoor has introduced a new feature that promises to once again revolutionise the recruitment process.

Glassdoor, which prides itself on being “the world’s most transparent jobs and career marketplace,” has recently launched their Company Updates service, a powerful social recruitment tool that fully integrates with the Hootsuite social media management platform. But why exactly are so many recruiters so excited about this new service?

Real-Time Messages and Updates

With the Company Updates tool, brand representatives can now directly post and link to their company’s Glassdoor profile with the Hootsuite platform.

This will allow for instant, up-to-the-minute updates on job openings, recruitment opportunities, and company reviews across numerous social media platforms, using the Hootsuite management service to control where and how this information is spread.

Through constant, open communication, the ease with which companies can engage with job-seekers and receive feedback from them will increase significantly.

Steve Roop, SVP and General Manager of Glassdoor for Employers, commented on the new service in a recent press release: “On average, Glassdoor company profiles receive three to ten times the traffic as company pages on LinkedIn and often more than a company’s own career site.”

The ability to combine this vast recruitment reach with social media management will undoubtedly prove invaluable to employers worldwide.

Increased Analytic Ability

By integrating itself with the Hootsuite service and providing the Company Updates App for free, Glassdoor is encouraging users to access one of the most powerful social media management platforms through a Free Employer Account.

Forbes recently described Hootsuite as “a key tool for business and individuals that want a simple way to manage all their posts and social media accounts.” With over ten million professionals already using the platform, both Hootsuite and Glassdoor are revolutionising the process through which opportunities can be shared en masse with job-seekers.

Hootsuite also provides powerful analytics tools that allow recruiters to track how many people are connecting with each of their posts and on which platforms. Using their service, recruiters will also be able to view feedback on click numbers, “impressions,” and “helpful votes.”

According to Kevin Zellmer, Global Director of Enterprise Business Development at Hootsuite, “Our partnership with Glassdoor allows us to continue to meet our customers’ needs and empower their use of social throughout their entire organisation.”

This means that, rather than treating the hiring process as something distinctly separate from general business operations, recruitment will instead become a daily part of a whole company’s activity.


So far, reviews for the Company Updates service have been glowing. The limited beta was given to existing Glassdoor clients such as Salesforce, Groupon, and Nestle Purina PetCare for testing, and the effect it had on their companies was astounding.

Jadea Abolahrari, manager of employment branding at Nestle Purina PetCare, had this to say: “Company Updates allow us to give an even deeper view into our company culture and personality…Even more, we’re able to easily customize our recruiting messages to accommodate the potential candidates who visit our Glassdoor page.”

Glassdoor has an impressive history of innovation, but it’s also managed to remain faithful to both their employer and job-seeking users.

Their Job Search, Salaries & Reviews App is one of the biggest and most highly rated of its kind. With this proven track record and the buzz surrounding the beta version, it’s easy to see why Company Updates are getting recruiters excited.

What’s Next?

Glassdoor’s link-up with Hootsuite is a sensible step in the right direction – the power to spread completely updated, fully responsive recruitment information throughout several social media platforms at once will undoubtedly change the way companies view their hiring processes.

Meanwhile the ability to receive analytical feedback on postings will allow recruiters to better streamline their efforts and maximise the number of candidates they engage with. The only question now, it seems, is what will they come up with next.

Harver Team

Harver Team

Updated on:
May 9, 2023

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