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15 Most Inspiring HR Tech Leaders to Follow in 2018

No matter the industry you serve or how long you’ve been in the recruiting world, the basics never really change.

You’ll always want to connect with the best talent available.

You’ll always want to make sure your candidates feel unique and important.

You’ll always need to remain competitive to make your team more intriguing than your competitors.

But while these basics may stay consistent from year to year, the way we go about guaranteeing them changes. With new advancements in technology, Human Resource departments are constantly evolving.

And while HR Tech makes it easier than ever to make the right connections, establish the right relationships and put the right candidate in the job, as a recruiter, it’s harder than ever to stay on top of how these advancements are used.

But to help you stay on top, we’ve listed the 15 most inspiring leaders from the HR Tech industry.

Check them out, follow them and engage with them. Because these are the people that drive innovation in HR Tech.

Before you continue

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1. Daniel Chait (@dhchait)

Daniel Chait is the CEO of Greenhouse, an applicant tracking system designed to streamline the recruiting process. With the help of his Greenhouse platform, Daniel Chait focuses on eliminating application bias while also helping companies manage candidates during the application process.

Daniel uses Twitter to create conversations, often replying to other users with long threads of explanations, ideas, and facts – and he does it with a personality. He has a wonderful way of talking to you – not at you – when explaining his thoughts and opinions.

Daniel Chait Twitter

2. David Green (@david_green_uk)

David Green is the Global Director of People Analytics Solutions for IBM Watson Talent. He’s also been awarded Best Writer at the 2015 HR Tech Writers’ Awards and had one of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles in HR. David’s main message is in people analytics and how it can help organizations make more strategic hiring decisions.

David uses both is Twitter and LinkedIn to keep his followers updated on his latest talks, articles, and ideas. He also frequently appears in podcasts to talk about the future of work and what HR analytics can mean for companies that take advantage of them.

David Green Twitter

3. Tom Haak (@tomwhaak)

Tom Haak founded the HR Trend Institute in 2014. With over 35 years in the HR industry, Tom now identifies trends in HR professionals, candidates, and organizations, and analyzes what these shifts could mean for companies hiring new talent. Tom also uses the HR Trend Institute to create trends of their own.

Tom uses his LinkedIn account to go deeper into these trends, although he also features videos diving into his ideas on the HR Trend Institute website. His Twitter account is also quite active, sharing links to articles, interviews, and posts he is either featured in or that he finds interesting.

4. Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico)

Matt Buckland is the VP of Customer Advocacy at Workable, which provides recruiting software to companies. Matt also runs the Blog The King’s Shilling, where he shares his thoughts on the world of work and how recruitment is constantly changing. With over fifteen years of experience in HR, Matt has worked in a number of areas related to recruiting and HR management.

Matt’s Twitter is a fun mix of his own content, information about Workable, and even real-life stories of mistakes people make in everyday life that come back to bite them professionally. Following Matt is fun and helps you learn more about the advancements in HR tech while also maintaining a great balance of professional and friendliness.

Matt Buckland

5. Suzanne Lucas (@RealEvilHRLady)

Suzanne Lucas, also known as the Evil HR Lady, takes a snarky approach to everyday HR questions and career advice. She’s a regular contributor at Inc. and Business Insider, but also runs her own blog, EvilHRLady.org. She also founded the Carnival of HR, a community for HR bloggers to connect and get involved.

While a lot of what Suzanne writes is aimed for those looking for career or professional help, her attitude to the content she creates and shares can provide a bit of relief for HR professionals, regardless of industry. Suzanne uses her Evil HR Lady platform to provide tough love to her readers – saying the things you’ve probably wished you could say.

6. Jeanne Achille (@jeanneachille)

Jeanna Achille is the Founder & CEO of The Devon Group, a PR firm specializing in technology, including HR tech. She is also the Program Chair for Women In HR Technology for the HR Technology Conference. While she has a particular passion for growing the number of women in HR Tech, she’s a great person to follow for both men and women.

Jeanne’s Twitter is more active than her LinkedIn, but she discusses more than just HR tech with her followers. In addition to HR and technology, Jeanne reacts and responds to different company’s PR decisions and campaigns. For HR professionals interested in keeping up with Jeanne, this can help you think about how big-picture decisions can relate to your hiring process and company image.

Jean Achille Twitter

7. Jackye Clayton (@jackyeclayton)

Jackye Clayton is currently the Director of Customer Success at HiringSolved. However, before taking up this position, she was a Digital Content Editor and Community Manager at RecruitingDaily.com, where she provided research-backed advice and tips to readers.

Jackye takes a unique approach to the content she creates and shares. She goes beyond simple tips to follow, finding inspiration in different areas to create out-of-the-box comparisons and ideas. On her Twitter account, Jackye shares articles, infographics, and tips for those in the HR world.

Jackye Clayton

8. Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)

Steve Boese is another HR tech leader who deserves a follow. As Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference and Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast, Steve is full of ideas and advice for recruiters and other HR professionals. He is also a columnist for HR Executive Magazine and a contributor for Fistful of Talent.

Steve is a great person to follow because he provides a lot of great content in a number of different ways. Whether you’re looking for podcasts you can listen to on the go or you’re hoping for regular articles on topics related to the HR industry, Steve creates just the information you need to get your HR tech fix.

Steve Boese Twitter

9. Sarah Brennan (@ImSoSarah)

Sarah Brennan, owner of HR Tech Blog, has a simple goal – to help companies treat people better. As the Principal Consultant of Talent Acquisition at Cornerstone OnDemand, Sarah aims to create a new conversation about how hiring, talent, and companies are impacted by changing technology.

Sarah’s “people first” attitude comes through in her Tweets. She reminds you that as a recruiter, it’s your duty to ensure the people working for your business are getting the care and attention they need. Following Sarah can help you maintain a candidate-focused approach to finding new talent.

Sarah Brennan Twitter

10. Bill Kutik (@billkutik)

Bill Kutik is a Founding Co-Chairman for the HR Technology Conference and Host and Managing Editor of Firing Line with Bill Kutik. On Firing Line with Bill Kutik, a video series on YouTube, Bill interviews different HR professionals, consultants, and analysts to discuss where recruitment is heading. Bill is also a Technology Columnist for HREonline.com.

Bill mostly uses his social media profiles to share content he’s created for HREonline.com or Firing Line with Bill Kutik. However, his no-marketing approach to Human Resources makes it easy for recruiters in all industries to get facts, tips, and advice that isn’t cluttered with sales pitches and soft sells.

Bill Kutik Twitter

11. Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell)

Jessica MIller-Merrell is the founder of Workology, a community for HR professionals to discuss how HR can change and transform an entire company. Jessica also labels herself as a “Change Agent” in the world of HR and recruiting. Through Workology, Jessica also runs a podcast.

Jessica shares a number of helpful resources and articles that go beyond simple speculation about where HR tech is headed. By following Jessica and staying up-to-date with her Workology postings, you can get helpful advice and help to ensure you’re implementing new techniques and strategies correctly.

Jessica Merrell

12. Joelle Emerson (@joelle_emerson)

Joelle Emerson is the Founder & CEO of Paradigm, a startup focused on building stronger organizations with more inclusive teams. Prior to creating Paradigm, Joelle was a women’s rights employment lawyer, representing women through gender discrimination and sexual harassment cases.

Given her background and focus, it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the posts Joelle shares through her Twitter focus on how to improve inclusion in different industries. Joelle uses her Twitter account to focus on conversations, frequently retweeting threads, articles, and ideas about how certain minorities are still oppressed in the workforce – and offering solutions on how to create more inclusive spaces.

Joelle Emmerson

13. Lars Schmidt (@Lars)

Lars Schmidt is the Founder and Principal of Amplify, a boutique HR agency providing insights on the future of work. In addition to creating Amplify, Lars is a the Co-Founder of HR Open Source and a Contributing Writer for Forbes and Fast Company. In the past, Lars has worked for for Hootsuite, SpaceX, Magento, and NPR.

LIke many other HR tech leaders on this list, Lars uses his Twitter account to share links to his articles or comment on other news in the industry. However, his extensive experience with top-of-the-line tech companies gives a unique perspective to his content and opinions.

Lars Schmidt Twitter

14. Jamie True (@truejamie)

Jamie True is the CEO of LifeWorks, an employee engagement platform that focuses on putting employees at the center of every business. Through LifeWorks, Jamie helps companies acknowledge that when employees are happy, they’re more likely to do a better job. His platform helps HR professionals ensure employees at all levels are getting the care and attention they need.

Jamie brings technology to the HR world as more than just a recruitment tool. By applying HR tech into the very core of how we interact with our employees – regardless of when they were hired – we can use advancements in apps or software to create stronger companies all around.

Jamie True

15. Barend Raaff (@BarendRaaff)

And of course, Harver’s very own CEO Barend Raaff, closes our list of HR Tech experts you should be following. With the creation of our AI-powered recruitment platform Harver, Barend hopes to eliminate the traditional resume, creating a better user experience for both companies and candidates.

Although our Chief isn’t that active on Twitter, it is worth having him on your radar. With mentions and contributions on Forbes, Businessinsider and allbusiness lately, it’s easy to see why.

Barend Raaff Profile

Putting It All Together

While you may always be looking for the best talent or the right fit, the way you go about it is constantly changing.

Staying in touch with the influencers, leaders, and decision-makers in HR tech can ensure you’re staying on top of the shifts and keeping your recruitment strategies competitive.

Do you have a favorite HR tech leader who didn’t make our list? Let us know who!

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