CAK and Harver win best recruitment case award

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CAK: from 434 applicants to 84 suitable hires

Three months after the start of the TalentPitch CAK has been able to reduce 434 applicants to 84 suitable hires. Between the TalentPitch and hire were two rounds of interviews. The results:

  • The no-show rate in the first application round decreased from 15-20% to 0.5%.
  • Previously approximately 14 candidates resulted from € 500 campaign costs. Now 84 candidates resulted from less than € 1,000.
  • Fewer first interviews, everyone shows up.
  • Saving time on second interviews of one hour per four candidates for both team leader and recruiter.
  • No quality coaches needed for role plays, saving two hours per five candidates.

And this did not go unnoticed: on November 26th the first Recruitment Tech event took place where CAK, along with the Harver Talent Pitch, received the award for best recruitment case!

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