Harver looks back at 2015

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The year 2015 flew by so fast for all of us at Harver! Harver has again made enormous steps.

We were able to bind a large number of (international) customers and great brands. We have opened offices in Berlin and London. Again, we won an award for our innovative services. This year we hired 14 new Harvers, who all found their place in our new office in Amsterdam.

And in all that chaos, we are still the same, we are passionate about the things we do and we also make time to have fun with each other. One of our highlights is the preselection process we have set for Booking.com. As icing on the cake, we organized a four-day meeting with the team of Zappos in Las Vegas.

Harver’s highlights: 

  • Along with CAK, Harver is rewarded with an award for best recruitment case. The award was presented during the Recruitment Tech event.
  • As of January 1, 2016 we integrate a new version of our psychometric tests. The focus is even more on the candidate and user experience and the design is completely renewed. The candidate receives more information so that he can use this for his development, whether he is hired or rejected.
  • For customers in Poland, Germany and England the Harver tools are extended with various languages.
  • The games in our TalentPitch are produced differently. They are more focused on the customer. For CareerMaker for example we developed a new TalentPitch, focused on finding the proper mechanics. In the TalentPitch the candidate ‘visits’ people’s homes to install an Internet box.
  • This year almost 40.000 candidates passed the Harver tools.
  • The following companies have become clients in 2015 and pre-select their new employees with the Harver tools now.

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What can you expect from us in 2016? 

For each customer a personalized analytics dashboard will be created. This provides real-time insight into the status of recruitment. Our new data-miner Gert-Willem: “besides making the dashboards I also want to work together with our customers. If we integrate the data from them and from us in the tool it will be even better adapted to the customer and increases the accuracy of the matches.”

In 2015 we started opening offices in London and Berlin. Therefore, we will be present at Call Center World in Berlin in February. This event is one of the largest contact center events in Europe with more than 7000 visitors.

Harver will also be present at the HR Tech World Congress which takes place in March in London.

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