The past few weeks Harver appeared in the media quite often. Our story? The traditional resume is only useful as toilet paper! 

Werf& wrote the following about it: ‘The resume is an extremely old-fashioned tool to make an effective match between candidates and employers, according to Raaff. It simply does not work anymore. Self-learning algorithms are much better in predicting the possible match between employer and potential employee. . . According to CEO Raaff we are only at the beginning of what is all possible with self-learning algorithms in the field of preselection and recruitment’. Read more (in Dutch).

Toilet paper . . . because the time of traditional resumes is over! Recruitment Tech also wrote about this issue: ‘Instead of selecting candidates based on resume and often gut feeling, intelligence and specific competences of potential candidates are being tested . . . the data that results from this offers HR Managers a validated prediction of the best candidates for the position. Read more (in Dutch).

And finally, the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf wrote about Harver: ‘Experience candidate means nothing’.

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