Swisscom: results in 2 months

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Swisscom is the leading provider of telecommunications in Switzerland and employs more than 3,500 employees in the direct marketing (contact) center. Since two months, new employees are recruited with the Swisscom TalentPitch. Harver asked Sabrina Köppel, HR Specialist at Swisscom, how this experience is going so far.

H: Sabrina, what is your view on the market? What are major challenges that direct marketing centers such as Swisscom have to deal with?

S: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good people. People often do not want to change jobs and they are looking for security. Outbound business is getting heavier, cost pressure from competitors is rising. Also, we want to maintain our image of an attractive employer.”

H: And what is the status now, after two months of using the TalentPitch?

S: “Since the start of the Swisscom TalentPitch we hired 20 new agents, the quality of the calls has gone up tremendously and we have decreased the time it takes to hire people significantly.”

Besides the TalentPitch, Harver currently builds a Talent Management dashboard for all employees of Swisscom.

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