Press release: new insights concerning the combination of contact center and gamification

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Amsterdam – The kick-off of the first HR Intelligence Meetup in Amsterdam took place on March 14. The HR Intelligence Meetups are all about talent management in contact centers and the changing world of customer contact, with gamification as a first theme. The Meetup was a success, not only because of the big numbers of attending HR professionals who work in customer contact, but also because of the speakers’ innovative insights that surprised the visitors.  

Barend Raaff, Harver co-founder and manager, showed a series of videos of serious gaming applications and gave inspiring examples: “At contact centers’ HR departments one observes that the working style is still very traditional. The qualifications required of candidates are hard to extract from a CV or motivation letter. Serious gaming can support talent management and recruitment in many aspects and is bound to take on an increasingly prominent role.

Marceline Beijer, CEO of facilitary contact center arvato Benelux, told the audience about her Contact Center 3.0’s great success and how gaming in recruitment has turned her preselection upside down. “The interactive assessment tool gives the term ‘applying for a job’ a new dimension.”

Ranjith Postma, founder and CEO of online callcenter motivation game Galalion.com, related about tempting talented people to motivate each other towards beter performance. “Use gamification with wisdom, as it can infuriate internal competition. Social reinforcement is the real solution: give callers an interest in helping each other to perform better than they do themselves. That ensures a self-strenghtening effect.”

The next HR Intelligence Meetup takes place on July 1, 2014 and is themed “Motivation and preservation of contact center employees”. More information about the program and speakers is soon to be found on: www.meetup.com/hrintelligencemeetup

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