Typing Skills

Measure the typing skills
and style of a candidate

Add a typing test to your hiring process in an instance

Navigate to the Harver marketplace, drag and drop the typing module into your hiring flow and you’re off!

Strong typing skills are a valid predictor of performance in jobs that require computer skills. What’s more, typing exercises can be used to measure motor coordination which is an important indicator of cognitive function.

Typing Skills Test

Assess typing skills and typing style

The typing module includes a typing assessment that measures both typing skills and typing style.

Different styles in speed and accuracy result in different styles: quick and sloppy, slow and correct, with the prefered style being quick and correct.

Harver’s AI algorithm scores candidates based on your company specific benchmarks 

Harver’s in-app algorithm scores candidates based on your company specific benchmarks

The score on the typing assessment adds to the overall matching score.

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