Harver for BPO

Drastically decrease attrition with Harver.

The leading candidate selection platform for BPO organizations worldwide.

BPO recruitment software designed to:

Handle high volumes of applicants

Identify top talent early in the process

Drastically reduce early new-hire turnover

Handle high applicant volumes

Streamline your candidate selection process.

Screening hundreds of resumes is not only time-consuming, it’s inefficient. Automate tedious parts of your hiring process with Harver and save valuable time and energy.

Reduce employee turnover

Reduce early employee turnover with a life-like realistic job preview.

The majority of BPO turnover is attributed to unclear job expectations. Show candidates what to expect through Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and job previews specifically tailored to your organization. Let candidates experience the job upfront and determine if there’s a mutual fit.

Scientifically identify top talent

Identify top talent among hundreds of applicants.

Choose from a wide variety of assessments, from language proficiency and typing skill to cognitive ability and multitasking. Harver’s IO-psychologists ensure you have an optimal selection process in place, so you can make objective hiring decisions and reliably identify top talent.

Harver users experience


decreased time to fill


candidate selection rate


decrease in employee turnover

“Thanks to Harver we have reduced unwanted turnover significantly and now save a lot of time and money.”

Marceline Beijer, CEO, Arvato