Traditional Behavioral Assessments

Predict fit for any role by objectively measuring a job seeker’s workplace behavior in just a
few minutes.

Higher quality talent,
based on how they work.

To increase quality of hire, you need to learn how your candidates approach their work and why it matters to them. With Harver’s behavioral assessments, you can:  

Why Harver’s behavioral assessments?


Minutes to


Years of
I-0 science


job profiles

Predict consistently to hire confidently

Predicting behavioral fit for any role or environment requires consistent results. Our behavioral assessments are backed by 35+ years of industrial-organizational science, delivering reliable and accurate results. So you can match top talent to the right role based on how they behave at work, which means more confident and efficient hiring. 

Add agility to match any role

Hiring for hourly roles? Use our 7-minute behavioral assessment. Need professional talent? Gain deeper insights in just 12 minutes. Whatever your needs are, you get in-product insights in real time, so you hire faster and adjust TA strategies without delay.

Make the most of your candidate funnel

After 100+ million assessments on the Harver platform, we use the resulting matching data to do what no other solution can: automatically compare each candidate to many roles, not just the one they applied for initially. Instead of rejecting an okay fit for one role, you can redirect them into a role where they’ll be a great fit.  

Empower mobility to increase talent pool

You can’t afford to lose good internal talent, especially in a tight labor market. Decrease attrition and increase employee engagement with Harver’s insights into employee behavior and potential. You can use post-hire behavioral assessments to inform development and re-skilling, and even use pre-hire assessments to identify potential leaders right away to start up-skilling early. 

Match fairly with the most unbiased assessments

Why spend all your time reviewing resumes that only give you part of the picture? Gain true insight into candidates scientifically – and fairly. 

Our People Science team builds and validates each solution to deliver objective behavioral data, and our I-O psychologists ensure we have the highest standards for fairness in the industry. This includes performing multiple analyses throughout the development process to ensure assessments aren’t creating any disparate impact. 

Take the next step quickly

If you want to start right away, our behavioral assessments are available out-of-the-box, including a library of 900 pre-built and validated job profiles. Plus, our entire suite of assessments can easily and seamlessly be integrated with 40+ leading ATS platforms. Or, if you want to customize your assessment solution and scoring algorithms, our People Science team can work with you to implement the right solution. 

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

Get a preview of Harver’s behavioral
assessment solutions.  

Get a preview of Harver’s behavioral assessment solutions.  

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