Personality Questionnaire

Get to know your candidates and their personality.

Why use a personality questionnaire in your pre-selection?

A personality questionnaire enables you to get to know your candidates and how they approach work. It helps companies get to know their candidates on a much deeper level than a CV and cover letter can provide, and have a great starting point for interviews. Furthermore, a personality questionnaire will better enable you to determine if a candidate’s personality will be a good fit for your company and if they will be a top performer.

The personality questionnaire measures specific behavior indicators, revealing key desirable characteristics such as ambition and ownership; empathy; great communication skills; motivation and a passion for learning and improvement.


Why use Harver’s personality questionnaire?

By using Harver’s personality questionnaire, you will identify candidates who possess the right disposition and potential for your job, as well as for your organization.

Harver’s adaptable personality questionnaire is based on the HEXACO personality inventory, the most accepted and commonly used Big Five model, which has been updated to include an extra dimension: honesty-humility.

Your candidates get a fun experience. You get validated insights.

The Harver personality questionnaire is based on the HEXACO personality inventory, a scientifically validated inventory that assesses six major dimensions of personality. You can choose to share the results of the personality questionnaire with candidates after the hiring process, giving them valuable insights into their own personality, ensuring the process is beneficial to both you and the candidates.

Choose a format that fits your needs.

Harver offers two formats of the personality questionnaire: 60 and 100 questions. Based on your recruitment needs, you can decide if you prefer to discover the key personality characteristics of your candidates or get to know them even more in-depth through a comprehensive questionnaire.

Enrich your hiring decisions with factual data to hire right.

Let data help you make fact-driven hiring decisions to determine how candidates might behave in a work context, predict their future job performance and assess their company fit. Use the results to rule out gut feeling and bias. Pick a benchmark from the job profile library or have our IO-consultants set a custom benchmark for you, and start hiring better.

See our personality questionnaire in action.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the HEXACO questionnaire, it is especially useful for candidate selection. It focuses on uncovering personality and behavior characteristics, which is effective in learning how candidates approach work and getting insights into different attributes of their personality.

The HEXACO test is a scientifically validated personality inventory that assesses six major dimensions of personality:

  • Honesty-humility
  • Emotionality
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to experience

The HEXACO questionnaire doesn’t try to fit candidates into a box but the results are shown on a scale, focusing on distinctive features of individuals rather than sorting them into a certain category.

Personality questionnaires to assess candidates have plenty of advantages, but they also have their limitations. For example:


  • They let you get to know your candidates beyond their CV and cover letter.
  • They enable you to implement a much-improved interview process, one that is structured and helps to reduce bias from the start.
  • Together with other psychometric assessments such as cognitive ability testing, personality tests are predictive of future job performance
  • Using a personality questionnaire gives all hiring managers equal measurements to get rid of gut-feeling and remove any residual bias.


  • Personality questionnaires have limited face validity. It is up to you to explain to your candidates, if they don’t understand from the outset, why you’re asking them to take the questionnaire.
  • Candidates don’t always see the value for them, in taking the personality questionnaire. However, it can be beneficial to explain the advantages to your candidates. As a baseline, the use of personality tests demonstrates your company’s interest in them as individuals with unique personalities, not just a number on the payroll.
  • Candidates could give socially desirable answers up to a degree. That’s why it’s advisable only to use the personality questionnaire as a pre-selection tool, and then hold an interview to confirm test results.

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