Work-From-Home Assessments

Test if remote candidates’ technology meets
job requirements.

Because their tech needs to work remotely too. 

With the shift to flex or fully remote, home IT fit matters just as much as role or culture fit. Harver’s WFH assessments make it easy to determine device and internet viability before you hire. 

Why Harver work-from-home assessments?


Decrease time
to hire


Decreased employee


Candidate satisfaction

How it works

1. Set requirements

Customize your minimum thresholds or use our
default benchmarks 

2. Check home tech

Candidates download the
Harver System Checker application to assess their tech 

3. Review results 

See at-a-glance pass/fail
results right on the
candidate detail page 

Check for the right home tech set-up

Bring your own device (BYOD) is convenient for candidates and reduces equipment cost for you. Yet home IT concerns introduce uncertainty when hiring remote employees. Our WFH assessments with customizable minimum requirements give you pre-hire clarity — and greater efficiency — when you add them early in the application process to screen out poor fits right away. 

Assess device hardware

As more talent opt to use their own equipment when working from home, you need to know they have the hardware to get the job done. With our system diagnostics check, you don’t need to be an IT wizard to know if someone has the operating system, processing power, or microphone needed to succeed. 

Test internet speed and reliability

For remote roles, internet connectivity is a key requirement for employee productivity. With one click from candidates, you can confirm they have the appropriate internet speed and reliable connection to handle common job tasks.  

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

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