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8 Hiring Metrics You Should Be Measuring

Don’t miss these top HR metrics, including how to measure them and improve them for even better results.
Data-Driven Recruitment

Measuring The Effectiveness of Talent Assessments

Want to make the most of your TA efforts? This guide walks you through 6 key questions for implementing and gauging the efficacy of your assessments.
Data-Driven Recruitment
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Bridging the Gap: Connecting Talent Acquisition KPIs to Business Growth

Want to demonstrate your impact on wider business goals? Here’s how to connect your TA KPIs with business growth, including 2 case studies.
Data-Driven Recruitment

State of Hourly and High-volume Hiring 2022 Report 

Discover the current state – and future direction – of high-volume workers including the dynamic methods of agile recruiting during today’s post-pandemic phases and challenges.
The 2021 Guide to Contact Center Volume Hiring

The 2021 Guide to Contact Center Volume Hiring

Dive into the specifics of contact center volume hiring in 2021 and discover the steps you can take to build an efficient end-to-end digital hiring process.
Contact Centers
Restaurant volume hiring white paper

Restaurant volume hiring in 2021

Learn how you can overcome the challenges of restaurant volume hiring in a tight labor market by digitally transforming your recruitment process.

Retail volume hiring in 2021

Discover how to overcome the challenges of retail volume hiring in the post-pandemic reality by digitally transforming your recruitment process.

How to digitally transform your contact center recruitment process

Discover the four components of contact center digital transformation and reinvent your recruitment.
Contact Centers

The state of diversity recruiting in 2020

Dive into the relevant emerging trends in diversity recruiting throughout every stage of the hiring funnel.