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Know before you hire if candidates have the role-specific information and abilities for day-one success.

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Some roles and industries need specific hard skills assessments. Our best-in-class assessments for industry-specific roles make it easy to match top talent with the exact skills for success.

Why Harver’s job knowledge & skills assessments?




Years of
I-0 science


Psychologists validating assessments

Solve your industry-specific challenges 

Computers & Programs 

Typing, computer knowledge, and more 

Job-Specific Capabilities

Profit/loss analysis, fine dining serving, live agent simulations, and more   

Language proficiency

Spoken language, reading comprehension, written proficiency, and more

Measure language competency in 29 languages 

Need talent who are proficient in Spanish? Stay ágil in changing labor markets with our mobile-friendly language assessment for dozens of languages. Each version is transadapted by native speakers to be culturally and linguistically appropriate. So you can accurately assess reading, grammar, and vocabulary proficiency for a variety of markets using a variety of question types (not just multiple choice). 

Gauge hard skills the easy way 

Most assessment providers only focus on soft skills. But hard skills and job knowledge are essential for some roles. Whether you want to test general hard skills like typing or industry-specific knowledge like profit/loss analysis, we’re ready to partner with you to identify the best fit for your industry. 

Customize job knowledge and skills assessments 

Harver can also deliver assessments of skills and knowledge specific to your industry. Our expert People Science team can even work with you to build custom assessments to address your unique needs. 

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

Get a preview of Harver’s job knowledge and skills assessment solutions. 

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