Enable efficient and thoughtful evaluation of job candidates and better development of existing employees 

Evaluate candidates with a consistent, efficient, data-driven approach

Quickly determining whether applicants have the right skills and qualities is critical to hiring the right talent. But assessing candidates based on resumes is labor-intensive and leaves too much room for bad judgement. 

With Harver’s assessment solutions, you get the right people into the right roles while decreasing time-to-hire and mitigating bias. 

Organizations using Harver’s assessment solutions experience:


decreased time to hire


decreased employee turnover


candidate satisfaction rate

Assessments to fit every need

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments enable you to get to know your candidates, how they approach work, and what’s really of importance to them when they work at an organization.  By using Harver’s behavioral assessments, you’ll be able to identify candidates who possess the right disposition and potential for your job, as well as for your organization. With over 35 years of Industrial-organizational science and a library of validated profiles for over 900 jobs, you can begin leveraging out-of-the-box assessments immediately.

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive ability is a strong predictor of job success for all employment levels across industries.  Cognitive ability is an umbrella term for a multitude of aspects that make up General Mental Ability (GMA). A person’s GMA involves reasoning, problem-solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience. Harver’s cognitive ability assessments consists of subtests that measure a broad spectrum of cognitive skills within the general intelligence framework. 

Soft Skills Assessments

Soft skills are increasingly recognized as critical to job success. Harver uses a groundbreaking, behavioral-based AI methodology to assess soft skills and match talent to the right jobs – in support of both initial hiring and workforce development and mobility. Game-like exercises, that candidates and employees enjoy doing, capture thousands of behavioral data points, to which Harver applies rigorous science to build a profile of what makes a person and job unique. 

Job Knowledge &
Skills Assessments

To complement behavioral, cognitive, and soft skills assessments, you may also want to determine if candidates have the hard skills and job knowledge required to perform a given role. Harver can assess general job skills such as multitasking, typing, and written and spoken language competency. Harver can also deliver assessments of skills specific to individual industries, and even work with you to build custom assessments to address your unique needs. 

Realistic Job Preview

It’s helpful for applicants to be presented with realistic scenarios related to the day-to-day challenges and activities of the job in question. With realistic job previews, candidates choose what the best and worst response to these scenarios are in their opinion. This allows you to gauge if their natural reactions suit the ideal behavior for the specific role and company overall. At the same time, your applicants can get a virtual preview of a day on the job—meaning you’ll both get a sense of the fit to your organization. 

Work-from-Home Assessments

For jobs which candidates will be doing from home, Harver can assess whether their home technology is adequate to perform the work. Internet speed and reliability, computing power, microphone quality, and more can all be quickly tested and scored so organizations know whether the candidate can be a viable employee given the job requirements. 

“With Harver, Valvoline takes a scientific approach to hiring. In today’s highly competitive job market we can now spend less time recruiting and more time developing talent.”

Regina Green, Director of Human Resources