Create a well-rounded view of candidates without slowing down hiring efforts with phone screens

Add important face time to hiring

Phone screens add an important perspective on a candidate in the early stages of the hiring process. But they’re inconvenient and time-consuming for both your hiring team and the candidates themselves.

With Harver’s interview solution, you see more candidates with less recruiter effort and develop a more team-oriented screening process.

Organizations using Harver’s interview solution experience:


average reduction in
candidate screening time


increase in recuiter


of candidates rate their video
interview experience as great

A modern approach to interview screening

Automated Interview Execution

Skip the hassle of scheduling a phone screen by recording custom questions for each open position and automating the interview process. Interviewees are prompted with questions, and responses are recorded. Recruiters and hiring managers can review candidates on their own time, gaining a well-rounded view of each candidate — even the remote ones — in terms of their communication abilities, attitude, and critical role-specific skills.

Candidate Engagement

Get candidates excited about their interview, and the prospect of working for your organization. Create an engaging interview experience by showcasing your recruitment brand with promotional videos. Include videos of your team and pre-board your potential hires. Interviews are also convenient for candidates, as Harver’s mobile-first design works across devices, with no app download. Candidates can complete interviews on their own time, while you capture their sentiment and feedback.

Collaborative Interview Scoring

Share candidates’ recorded interview with all team members involved, so all evaluators review the same interview responses. Evaluators score each candidate response using an easy, standardized, and consistent rating scale. Scores are aggregated across evaluators and reported. This enables a process of obtaining multiple opinions and screening more efficiently and effectively. Importantly, bias is minimized by not using automated decision-making or facial and/or micro-expression analysis.

Options to Increase Efficiency Further

Available add-on solution capabilities make the interview process even more efficient. Automated interview scheduling lets candidates choose a time that works best for them. Two-way interview conferencing enables real-time interviews when it’s the preferred option. Hosted apply captures applicants’ pre-interview information in a branded environment managed by Harver. Custom integration options support unique scenarios beyond Harver’s pre-built ATS integrations.