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The better, faster way to develop or mobilize talent.

Harver makes it easy to assess potential for any role and to engage and retain top talent.

Because developing talent is investing in business growth

Mobility is more important than ever to overcome the skills and labor gap. No wonder 64% of L&D pros say that L&D is now a need to have instead of a nice to have.

With Harver’s talent development solutions, you can match internal talent with the best fit re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities. All while saving time on manual tasks, increasing retention and engagement, and demonstrating a boost to your bottom line.

Make better talent decisions, faster with solutions that:

Increase efficiency
through automation

Identify top talent

Provide a
personal touch

Harver solutions for talent development

Develop your talent to retain your talent

Why lose internal talent to external opportunities? Use Harver assessments to train to retain instead. Your L&D team and internal workforce can use objective data to identify employee strengths and gaps for both hourly and professional talent. Plus, each assessment development report includes actionable suggestions for what to do to grow the skills needed to continue progressing in one’s career path.

Unlock mobility by measuring workforce potential

In today’s hiring market, re-skilling and up-skilling internal talent is a critical part of talent management. Harver’s suite of assessments can measure soft skills and potential to provide the data you need to determine transferrable traits and skills for any new role. You even get actionable insights to adjust behavior to close skill gaps, to support out-of-role growth.

Optimize your diverse candidate pool

With an already tight labor market that continues to shrink each year due to aging, you can’t afford to unintentionally overlook good fits. Harver’s talent development solutions prioritize unbiased talent decision-making with scientifically validated assessments, so you can make the most of your talent pool throughout the employee lifecycle.

With Harver, users experience:


medium-to-strong fit
for multiple roles


Employees discovered
alternative career options


Decreased employee

“We’re investing in our people, and we’re seeing the results—we’re a strong same-store sales company, and a lot of it is because of our people.”


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