Hiring Process

Transform the talent decision process through candidate engagement, automation, and data-driven intelligence.

A comprehensive approach to hiring improvement

With Harver, you can improve not just one aspect of your talent decisions, but every step in the process, maximizing the efficiency, quality, and fairness of hiring and talent development.

Harver’s hiring process optimization solution includes everything from pre-hire assessments to video interviews, scheduling and reference checking, and leverages intelligent automation and data-driven insights to help you engage, hire, and grow talent faster, with far less effort.

Automated and streamlined talent decisions


A seamless application experience

In today’s labor market, speed and efficiency are key. So why make candidates jump through hoops to apply? Harver provides a single entry point for candidates from all sources and shares information directly with your ATS, making the first step of the application process as easy as possible.


Quick assessments, optimized for conversion

Assessing doesn’t have to be boring and cause applicant drop-off. Provide candidates with a realistic job preview so they know what the job is like, while your team gets the data they need to make bias-free hiring decisions. Harver’s library of interactive and engaging assessments and job simulations is built for driving conversion throughout the hiring process.


A better way to match

Take bias out of the equation. Harver’s custom matching engine matches candidates to one or multiple jobs and provides clear decision support to recruiters and hiring managers. The result? Higher quality hires and decreased 30-60-90 day attrition rates.


Hire without limits

The key to achieving true automation is validated matching data. Based on the matching results, Harver auto-selects high-potential candidates and automatically schedules interviews. Free up your team by removing the mundane, time-consuming tasks and giving them the time back to focus on what matters.


More efficient ways to meet

Make interviewing scalable. One-way virtual interviewing enables you to screen candidates regardless of recruiter availability. While during live interviews, recruiters are supported with all the data they need to make the right decision. One seamless experience for both candidates and recruiter, allowing you to streamline and scale your interviewing.


Split-second decision making at scale

Scale your organization without scaling your recruitment team. Harver supports hiring managers – whether they’re on the front line or at headquarters – to make split-second hiring decisions.

Business Intelligence

A new level of control

Having real-time analytics at every step of the hiring process is key to staying in control. Harver comes equipped with an enterprise-grade analytics suite. From first interaction to hiring decision, Harver Insights provides you with all the data you need to run an efficient process and optimize it over time.