Optimize Your
Hiring Process

Transform the talent decision process through candidate engagement, automation, and data-driven intelligence.

Process-wide issues deserve a process-wide solution

When your goal is to hire better faster, it’s best to take a holistic approach to achieve optimal results. Harver enables you to identify every opportunity for process improvement and provides the means to maximize the efficiency and quality of hiring and developing talent, while mitigating bias. 

Harver’s comprehensive hiring process optimization solution leverages candidate matching, intelligent automation, an on-brand candidate experience, and data-driven insights. So you can engage, hire, and grow talent faster – with far less effort.

The Harver Solution for
Optimizing Your Hiring Process


Engage applicants with a fast, branded experience

Kick off hiring in a fast and friendly way. Use our brandable chatbot, Harver CHAT (Conversational Hiring AI Tool), to engage and capture candidates in your ATS, then route them through the application process.
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Quick assessments optimized for conversion

With Harver, you can assess skills and provide candidates with a realistic job preview while gathering the objective data to help you make bias-free hiring decisions. Our library of assessments and job simulations helps drive conversion.


Unbiased and high-quality with lower attrition

Harver’s custom matching engine mitigates bias and provides clear decision support for recruiters and hiring managers.



Hire without limits

The key to achieving true automation is validated matching data. Based on the matching results, Harver auto-selects high-potential candidates and automatically schedules interviews.



More efficient ways to meet

Harver makes interviewing scalable – with one-way virtual interviewing without recruiters and live interview data support to enable the right hiring decisions.


Fast decision making at scale

Scale your organization without scaling your recruitment team. Harver supports hiring managers – on the front line or at headquarters – to act fast when competing for top talent.


Business Intelligence

A new level of control

Real-time analytics – at every step of the hiring process – keep you in control. Our enterprise-grade analytics suite, Harver Insights, provides you with all the data you need to run an efficient process and optimize it over time.


Hiring Process Optimization Makes
All Your Activities More Productive

Greater hiring efficiency

By automating labor-intensive tasks, narrowing the field to the top candidates, and delivering insights to drive decision-making, Harver cuts the inefficiencies out of hiring. 

Improved hiring quality 

Between giving candidates job previews that enable them to self-qualify and focusing the selection process on the qualities that matter most to you, Harver improves the quality of your hires. 

A more unbiased hiring process 

With Harver, you can build the diverse and inclusive organization you desire because our solutions work to eliminate the risk of bias. 

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