Cognitive Assessments

Measure a broad spectrum of cognitive skills with
assessments validated to mitigate bias.

Add the strongest predictor for success.

Cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of job success for all employment levels across industries. With Harver, you can assess cognitive abilities as most applicable to your roles.

Why Harver’s cognitive assessments?




per subtest


Years of
I-0 science

Comprehensive yet customizable subtests

Logical Reasoning 

Measures ability to solve
complex problems with limited
or missing information

Numerical Reasoning 

Measures ability to solve mathematical problems 

Abstract Reasoning 

Measures ability to solve problems involving abstract concepts 

Perceptual Speed
& Accuracy 

Predicts success in jobs that require the ordering, sorting, and verifying information 

Spatial Ability   

Predicts performance for jobs that require good spatial orientation 

Number Patterns   

Measures ability to recognize patterns and use logic skills to solve number pattern sequences 

Verbal Reasoning 

Measures ability to discover and apply logical rules among verbal concepts 

Reading Comprehension 

Measures ability to draw conclusions from written information

Understand their cognitive abilities 

Harver measures a broad spectrum of cognitive skills that comprise one’s abilities, including reasoning, problem-solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience. Together, you gain a holistic and data-driven understanding of each candidate’s learned knowledge, ability to apply knowledge in different situations, and general speed and accuracy. 

Customize your cognitive assessment 

Some cognitive abilities are more important for certain roles than others. Because Harver’s cognitive assessment solution is set up modularly, you can customize what you want to measure per role to streamline screening time while reducing candidate drop-off.  

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

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