Live Chat Support Simulation

Assess live chat support skills in a life-like environment

Why assess Chat Support skills?

With more and more customer interactions happening through online channels, Live Chat Support has become the fastest growing discipline in contact centers around the globe. Traits and skills predictive of success in phone/regular contact center roles are not immediately applicable to live chat support roles. The concurrent nature of the Live Chat Support role puts a larger emphasis on multitasking, typing skills, and language and grammar proficiency. Interdependent traits and skills that require simultaneous assessment in order to be assessed correctly. That’s why we created our Live Chat Support Simulation Module.


Assessing Chat Support skills with Harver

Harver’s Live Chat Support Simulation presents candidates with an accurate recreation of what it’s like to be a Live Chat Support Agent. After beginning their application, candidates will handle a number of real-time support requests covering multiple topics with clients who have a wide variety of personalities, giving them insight into exactly what the job is like. 

While candidates take the assessment, Harver grades their performance based on multiple Live Chat Support KPI’s, such as Average Handle Time, Service Level, Adaptability, Customer Focus, Multitasking and more. 

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Live Chat Support Simulation

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Improved efficiency for recruiters

With the Harver Live Chat Support Simulation embedded in your hiring process your recruiters can spend their time with candidates that possess the right skills and disposition for the role.

A Realistic Job Preview for candidates

The Live Chat Support Simulation provides candidates with a realistic job preview. The true-to-life simulation enables them to self-select for the job, decreasing attrition and reducing the risk of a bad hire.

Fully customized to your reality

The Live Chat Support Simulation can be tailored to your organization and reality in every way possible. From number of chats and talk tracks, to answer options and client personalities, we ensure the Simulation is representative of your brand and clients.

Experience our best-in-class Live Chat Assessment first-hand!

Perfect for remote hiring, our live chat assessment makes it easier than ever to hire live chat agents. Candidates experience the job, while you get actionable data to drive hiring decisions.


While the Live Chat Support simulation could be used to assess competencies for a variety of customer support roles, it is most applicable to roles where the support is primarily text-, chat- or web-based. The simulation is most beneficial for high volume support roles that typically have high attrition rates, because it helps manage candidate expectations of the day-to-day tasks, allowing candidates to deselect themselves if it isn’t a good fit.

The Live Chat Simulation is designed to be predictive of on-the-job performance with a lower adverse impact than other assessments, such as cognitive ability. Our test was developed and validated by our IO Psychologists to show content validity as well as reliability and fairness.

Absolutely! While the Live Chat Simulation may feel more familiar to candidates who have worked in a support environment, the questions are designed to test behavior rather than job knowledge. Hard skills can be learned, but invaluable skills like multitasking, problem solving and customer orientation are key to success.

Allowing candidates to experience the job in a life like environment significantly enhances the candidate experience, and reduces the risk of misaligned expectations before being hired. By allowing applicants to interact with customers as they would in the role, they can self select during a process that is fast and convenient for them.

While some skills will benefit candidates in any customer service role, the concurrent, time-sensitive nature of live chat support requires candidates to excel in different areas than phone-based roles, including text comprehension, multitasking, and typing.

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