Spoken Language Assessment

Assess spoken language for word choice, pronunciation and fluency.

Why assess Spoken Language?

Contact centers and BPO organizations are rapidly expanding to offshore locations. When moving operations to non-native English speaking countries, it is important that candidates have the right level of language proficiency to support customers who are native English speakers.


Assessing Spoken Language with Harver

The Harver Spoken Language Assessment presents candidates with speaking tasks similar to what they would experience in a contact center role. The module is designed to blend an engaging candidate experience with a validated test result, to find candidates with the right level of English proficiency for your clients’ needs.

By combining word selection tasks with snippets of text to measure both language skill and fluency, Harver’s Spoken Language assessment allows you to accurately and efficiently assess a candidate using internationally recognized English Language standards. As with all Harver assessments, the content is fully customizable, allowing you to test with relevant storylines and adjust the difficulty.

Improved Efficiency for recruiters

With the Harver Spoken Language Assessment embedded in your hiring process, your recruiters can shortlist and spend their time with candidates who have the right level of language proficiency.

Fully Customized, Scientifically Validated

In addition to the ability to customize the text snippets for length, difficulty, or with company-specific storylines, Harver’s Spoken Language Assessment can also be tailored for use in different regions by identifying words that are especially difficult to pronounce by candidates in a particular language group.

Internationally Recognized Scoring Standards

Along with a percentile scoring, Harver reports in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards, allowing you to utilize and share results in the most relevant standard with clients.

Hire the right candidate.

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The Harver Spoken Language Assessment analyzes a set of factors that are predictive of English pronunciation and fluency, including speaking rate, pauses & hesitations, cadence and pitch. The prompts’ content and difficulty are customized to your roles, and candidate responses are automatically scored and ranked using internationally recognized standards, including both The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).The module includes three sections; single word testing, listening to a sentence and repeat the sentence, and reading a longer paragraph aloud. 


Since the assessment helps evaluate the level of spoken English proficiency this is a useful assessment when verbal communication is a part of the role and the employees are not native in English. By evaluating pronunciation and fluency you can ensure your employees have the knowledge and ability to speak and understand English and hence be clear and understood in their verbal interactions.

The Spoken Language assessment is designed to be accurate in assessing English pronunciation and fluency. The technology used to assess spoken language is validated by internationally recognized spoken language standards, using official IELTS Examiners, to ensure satisfactory root-mean-square error (measure of the difference between values predicted by a model and the observed values). Test-rest was conducted to ensure the model evaluates candidates fluency and pronunciation consistently. 

Yes, the assessment is fully customizable. You are able to use company or brand specific talk tracks that are relevant to your role requirements, while the assessment uses the candidates responses to score their proficiency and fluency with internationally recognized standards. 

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