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Typing Test

Easily check if applicants have the necessary typing skill for your roles

Why Implement a Typing Test?

Typing tests are widely used to evaluate candidates for a variety of roles, particularly in customer support or service. Analysis done on global companies leveraging Harver’s typing test indicate that ‘typing speed’ is an accurate indicator of on-the-job performance. In any environment where employees are required to address several requests at a time, especially for customers, it is key that they have the typing ability to do this efficiently and coherently.


Assessing Typing Skills with Harver

Harver’s typing assessment integrates seamlessly into your application process, allowing you to collect all the information needed up-front to eliminate time consuming follow-ups. Candidates will be assessed on speed, as well as accuracy, and their scores are automatically calculated and stored in their candidate profile. If paired with another assessment, the typing scores will be weighted in their overall score according to your companies’ unique matching benchmark to help you make data-driven hiring decisions at scale

Accurately predict job performance

Our typing test is designed to estimate job performance in roles where typing speed and accuracy are a key skill for success. By adding a custom typing test to your selection process, you gain a objective tool to aid in hiring decisions without adding steps to your workflow.

Improve efficiency for recruiters

While the Harver platform collects candidate assessment data, it automatically ranks candidates in order of potential
on-the-job success in your ATS. Along with eliminating manual screening tasks, Harver enables workflow automation and reduces bias in the candidate selection process.

Provide a seamless candidate experience

When dealing with high volumes of candidates, it’s crucial to deliver a positive application experience at scale. By leveraging scientific assessments in gamified, candidate-friendly way, you’re able to gain the objective data you need while allowing candidates to experience real pieces of the job they’re applying for.

Get a first-hand look at our best-in-class candidate experience.

See the future of remote hiring today. Harver’s Typing + Live Chat Support Simulation allows candidates to experience the role while you gain the data you need to drive hiring decisions. 


The typing test is used to measure the typing speed and accuracy of a candidate. The typing test gives a candidate a block of text, and they will be tasked to type it as accurately and quickly as possible. They are scored based on the number of words they complete, and how many of them they typed accurately (including capitalization and punctuation).

The scores are calculated to measure Net Words Per Minute (NWPM). The NWPM score represents the number of words accurately keyed, to give you an clear idea of a candidates true typing ability. Spaces, numbers, letters and punctuation are all included.

The Typing Test has had the clearest success as a performance indicator for customer service, contact center agent and chat support roles. However, any role that requires accurate and efficient typing ability could benefit from Harver’s Typing Test.

Yes, like most Harver assessments, the content and difficulty of the Typing Test are fully customizable to your reality to allow you to give a realistic look into your organization while gaining relevant data.

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