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The solution when manufacturing jobs are on the line

The manufacturing skills gap could result in more than 2 million unfilled jobs by 20301 . Choose Harver to keep productivity up, reduce time to hire, and minimize ghosting. Give your organization the objective and fast way to assess skills for hiring, retaining, and developing quality talent for factory lines, warehouses, and sales. 


Increase in applications   


Decrease in employee turnover 


Decreased time to hire 

The Harver Hiring Solution for Manufacturing

Harver’s hiring solution for manufacturing leverages intelligent automation and data-driven insights to help you engage, hire, and grow talent faster – and expand skills – with far less effort.   


Engage applicants with a fast, branded experience

Kick off hiring in a fast and friendly way. Use our brandable chatbot, Harver CHAT (Conversational Hiring AI Tool), to engage and capture candidates in your ATS, then route them through the application process.



Quick assessments optimized for conversion  

With Harver, you can provide factory, warehouse, or delivery candidates with a realistic job preview – and easily test for new skills – while gathering the data to make bias-free hiring decisions. Our library of assessments and job simulations helps drive conversion by reliably predicting fit in as little as 7 minutes.”


Unbiased and high-quality with lower attrition  

Harver’s custom matching engine takes bias out of the equation, matching manufacturing candidates to one or more jobs – including across locations – and providing clear decision support to recruiters and hiring managers.  


Hire without limits 

You can relieve recruiters and hiring managers of time-consuming manual hiring tasks with Harver’s validated matching data. Based on the matching results, Harver auto-selects high-potential candidates and automatically schedules interviews – no extra effort required and you move fast to engage line workers, frontline supervisors, and other critical talent.  


More efficient and data-rich

You can interview manufacturing candidates more efficiently with Harver’s one-way virtual interviewing that saves hiring managers time and lets them review candidates on-demand. If you prefer live interviews, Harver provides essential data to support decision-making.   


Fill any number of openings fast  

Top talent won’t wait – especially with the manufacturing skills gap. Give your teams the speedy solution for hiring the best-fit candidates – no matter how many openings or locations you have. Harver enables well-informed, split-second hiring decisions.  

Business Intelligence

Insights when you need them  

Harver provides real-time analytics at every step of the hiring process to help you make informed and speedy decisions about in-demand manufacturing talent. Our enterprise-grade analytics suite, Harver Insights, gives you the insights to run an efficient process and optimize it over time.  

See how Harver can decrease your time to hire without sacrificing quality.

Harver enables better talent decisions at production line speeds

Hire quality talent even at scale

Filling manufacturing roles can be a numbers game. With Harver, you can put numbers to work for you, thanks to objective assessment data that efficiently and consistently predicts potential in as few as 7 minutes for hourly roles. Whether you’re assessing career fair candidates or flexing up to meet seasonal demand, your TA team can hire great fits as many times as needed.

Drastically decrease employee turnover 

Hiring for factory lines, warehouses, and delivery fleets can be a constant challenge against employee turnover. Harver’s realistic job preview showcases what the job entails, enabling candidates to self-select, while simultaneously providing you with best-fit candidates based on data. This unique two-way matching methodology drastically decreases employee turnover. 

Automate screening to scheduling

Harver’s automation engine offloads tedious, repetitive admin tasks up until the hiring decision. That gives recruiters more time to focus on higher value tasks, while speeding up time to hire for fast-moving hourly talent. 

Enable mobility and development  

You need the agility to creatively solve skills gaps and labor shortages. Give your TA and TM teams the flexibility to adapt for success in any situation, with scientifically validated assessments that identify strengths and gaps for any role and any job seeker. Re-skill, up-skill, or develop talent with objective assessment data, plus actionable tips for closing skills gaps. 

You get the insights to keep you in control 

Your manufacturing business performance is directly linked to your staffing situation. Give your OEE and other key metrics a boost with our Business Intelligence suite. Harver Insights keeps you continuously abreast of your core KPIs throughout the hiring process. So you can ensure that your hiring practices are supporting your business strategy. 

Harver for Manufacturers

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