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Hospitality's answer to high turnover and job vacancies

Hospitality has historically had one of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry – and hospitality job vacancies only keep growing. Traditional, inefficient talent acquisition approaches simply aren’t up to the challenge. Harver’s proven solutions enables you to quickly engage and hire the best candidates and keep your service team at full strength. 


Decrease in employee turnover


Decreased time to hire


Candidate satisfaction score 

Harver solutions for hospitality

With Harver’s hospitality hiring solutions, you can leverage intelligent automation and data-driven insights to engage, hire, and grow the talent you need to keep your restaurant, bar, or hotel delighting customers and generating revenue. 


Engage applicants with a fast, branded experience

Kick off hiring in a fast and friendly way. Use our brandable chatbot, Harver CHAT (Conversational Hiring AI Tool), to engage and capture candidates in your ATS, then route them through the application process.
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Providing information so everyone can better assess

Harver enables you to really show hospitality candidates what working for you will be like. At the same time, we gather the data to help you make bias-free hiring decisions. Our library of assessments and job simulations supports better decisions from everyone.


Predicting fit with accuracy and efficiency

Harver’s talent solutions are backed by 35 years of science. We compare objective data from your candidates with scientifically validated job profiles for hospitality roles to predict role fit, giving clear decision support to hiring managers. You can even see how well-suited candidates are for other open roles, including those at different locations that better match their availability.


Validated matching makes the difference

With Harver, your managers don’t have to waste time sifting through applications. Harver finds the matches, auto-selects high-potential candidates, and automatically schedules interviews.


More efficient and data-rich

You can interview hospitality candidates more efficiently with Harver’s one-way virtual interviewing that saves hiring managers time and lets them review candidates on-demand. If you prefer live interviews, Harver provides essential data to support decision-making.


Fill any number of openings fast  

Top talent won’t wait. Give your GMs the speedy solution for hiring the best fit candidates – no matter how many openings or locations you have. Harver enables well-informed, split-second hiring decisions.

Business Intelligence

Insights when you need them  

Harver provides real-time analytics at every step of the hiring process. Our enterprise-grade analytics suite, Harver Insights, gives you the insights to run an efficient process and optimize it over time.

See how Harver can decrease your time to hire without sacrificing quality.

Harver enables you to attract top hires and keep your service team at full strength.

You gain the speed to staff effectively

Competition for hospitality candidates is fierce and talent moves fast. Harver increases hiring speed and efficiency, enabling you to move applicants from “apply” to “offer” in as little as 24 hours. You get the top candidates before your rivals.

Multi-location hiring makes the most of qualified applicants

Why reject a qualified applicant at one location when there’s a hiring need at another? With Harver, you can route candidates efficiently based on hiring needs at nearby locations and candidate availability.

Better informed candidates drastically decrease employee turnover

Hospitality turnover is a problem that’s exacerbated when candidates don’t know enough about what the job entails. Harver’s realistic job preview enables candidates to self-select, while simultaneously providing you with best-fit candidates based on data. This unique two-way matching methodology drastically decreases employee turnover.

Easy testing supports new skill development

Harver enables you to manage the shift from legacy requirements by making testing for new skills easy and efficient.

Hospitality managers can get out of the recruitment business

Hospitality managers aren’t recruiters, but in many organizations, they’re still tasked with recruitment for their locations. Harver’s automation engine offloads tedious, repetitive admin tasks up until the hiring decision. That gives hospitality managers more time to do what they do best – driving their location’s business performance.

Better flex staffing increases your agility

When seasonality or unpredictable customer demand drives the need for temporary or part-time help, Harver enables you to respond by quickly assessing for availability needs.

You can deliver a positive hiring experience for your brand and retain your best guests

Your applicants aren’t just job candidates – in many cases, they’re also your customers. Harver enables you to showcase your employer brand while running a smooth, consistent, and applicant-centric hiring process – one that’s fully in line with your brand values. So even rejected applicants remain loyal. 

You get the insights to keep you in control

Your hospitality business performance is directly linked to your staffing situation. Our Business Intelligence suite, Harver Insights, keeps you continuously abreast of your core KPIs throughout the hiring process. You can better manage flex staffing, upskilling, and blended hiring.

Harver for Hospitality

See Harver in action and ensure that you’ll always have a hospitality team that’s fully staffed and ready to serve. 

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