Gamified Behavioral Assessments

Hire, develop, and mobilize talent better and faster, based on a job seeker’s potential.

The new standard for understanding talent. 

Soft skills are increasingly recognized as critical to job success. Power your most productive hiring,
development, and mobility efforts with groundbreaking, behavioral-based AI methodology.

Why Harver’s gamified behavioral assessments?


Decrease in
time to hire


to complete



Identify soft skills through cognitive science


Risk Tolerance

Decision making







Measure potential, not pedigree

Rather than focusing on backward-looking resumes, we observe non-verbal behavioral-based attributes that measure everyone’s true potential. Each assessment captures thousands of data points, to which we apply rigorous science to build profiles of what makes a person and job unique.

Boost engagement with gamification

Assessments are only useful if people are willing to take them. Harver’s gamified behavioral assessments have a 98% completion rate, thanks to their engaging, game-like interface. Plus, every job seeker receives immediate results and feedback, to add value for them and increase uptake for you.

Unlock true potential with fairness-first

Created by neuroscientist and AI ethicist Dr. Frida Polli, Harver’s gamified behavioral assessments have the highest standard for fairness in the industry. For the most equitable assessing, we start with even distribution across gender, race, and socioeconomic status. Next, our matching is fit-based, understanding the inherent fit to a particular role instead of relying on one-size-fits-all or restrictive credentials. Plus, each soft skills assessment is non-verbal to help promote fairness. 

Empower mobility to increase talent pool

You can’t afford to lose good internal talent, especially in a tight labor market. Decrease attrition and increase employee engagement with Harver’s insights into employee behavior and potential. You can use post-hire behavioral assessments to inform development and re-skilling, and even use pre-hire assessments to identify potential leaders right away to start up-skilling early. 

Make the most of your candidate funnel

Accurately assessing soft skills means you can make your TA and TM efforts more efficient and effective. With matching data from over 100M assessments, we do what no other solution can: automatically compare each candidate to many roles, not just the one they applied for initially. Instead of rejecting an okay fit for one role, you can redirect them into a role where they’ll be a great fit.

See how you can predict fit for any job seeker.

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