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The professional services industry faces a severe labor force shortage, with 70% of open jobs unfillable by an experienced, currently unemployed worker. With Harver, your firm can better compete for experienced talent like HR experts or business consultants, re-skill and up-skill internal job seekers, and automate repetitive tasks so recruiters can focus on higher value responsibilities.


Decrease in time to hire 


Decrease in turnover 


Candidate satisfaction score

Win the war for professional talent

Consistently predict fit for any role

Whether you need accountants, recruiters, or consultants, Harver’s assessments reliably determine fit in as little as 16 minutes for professional jobs. Make the most of every decision with objective, real-time assessment data to best meet client needs, from improving quality of hire to scaling your hiring for seasonality or other demand drivers.

Compete better for top talent

How do you win the war for talent when competing with direct competitors and in-house employers? Harver makes it easy to move fast with automated interview scheduling so you can trim time to hire instead of losing out to other firms. Plus, we make it easy to differentiate yourself from competitors by showcasing your brand with custom experiences and culture videos.

Shut down poaching with a train-to-retain strategy

Without adequate staffing and skilled talent, you can’t deliver the level of service needed to satisfy your clients. Fostering in-role growth gives your L&D team a proven path for increasing retention. Harver’s assessments and actionable development insights help naturally prevent poaching by other firms thanks to objective data on talent’s current skills and potential for developing in their career.

Enable mobilization to close skills gaps

The professional services firms that succeed in the new normal will need to keep up with client needs today and volatile workforce, industry, and economic trends in the future. Harver’s assessments provide your TM team and internal job seekers the agility to adjust to adapt in any situation, with scientifically validated assessments that identify strengths and gaps for any role and any job seeker. Re-skill and up-skill with objective assessment data, plus actionable tips for closing skills gaps.

Check references while increasing passive candidates

Traditional reference checking takes way too much time and effort. Harver streamlines the process with our #1 rated reference checking solution that averages 6 references per check in just 24 hours. And because we automate the process, recruiters save 1.5 hours per check. You even increase your professional services talent pool, because more than 50% of references become passive candidates themselves.

Mitigate bias to maximize your talent pool

With no end in sight for a tight labor market, you can’t afford to overlook great fits. Our People Science team of psychologists and data scientists validate and constantly monitor our assessments to mitigate bias. So you can support your DEIB initiative and hire objectively based on fit even when competing firms miss out.

See how Harver can decrease your time to hire without sacrificing quality.

The Harver Professional Services Hiring Solution

Harver’s hiring solution for professional and business services leverages intelligent automation and data-driven insights to help you engage, hire, and grow talent faster – and expand skills – with far less effort.


A seamless experience

Instead of making professional services candidates jump through hoops to apply, Harver provides a single entry point for candidates from all sources and shares information directly with your ATS.


Quick assessments optimized for conversion 

With Harver, you can provide candidates with a realistic job preview – and easily test for new skills – while gathering the data to make bias-free hiring decisions. Our library of assessments and job simulations helps drive conversion by reliably predicting fit in as little as 16 minutes for professional services roles.


Unbiased and high-quality with lower attrition  

Harver’s custom matching engine takes bias out of the equation, matching professional services candidates to one or more jobs and providing clear decision support to recruiters and hiring managers.


Hire without limits  

You can relieve recruiters and hiring managers of time-consuming manual hiring tasks with Harver’s validated matching data. Based on the matching results, Harver auto-selects high-potential candidates and automatically schedules interviews – no extra effort required and you move fast to engage in-demand HR, accounting, legal, or business consulting talent.


More efficient and data-rich

You can interview professional services candidates more efficiently with Harver’s one-way virtual interviewing that saves hiring managers time and lets them review candidates on-demand. If you prefer live interviews, Harver provides essential data to support decision-making.


Fill any number of openings fast  

Top talent won’t wait, especially with professional and business services facing such a tight labor market. Give your teams the speedy solution for hiring the best-fit candidates – no matter how many openings or locations you have. Harver enables well-informed, split-second hiring decisions.

Business Intelligence

Insights when you need them  

Harver provides real-time analytics at every step of the hiring process to help you make informed and speedy decisions about in-demand professional services talent. Our enterprise-grade analytics suite, Harver Insights, gives you the insights to run an efficient process and optimize it over time.

Harver for
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