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Complete talent assessment & pre-hiring platform designed
to make excellent hiring achievable to companies of all sizes.

Unlock the Power of Predictive Assessments

Choose from a wide variety of scientifically proven pre-employment assessments that are easy to setup and customize to your hiring needs.

Cultural Fit

Efficiently measure a candidate’s cultural preference and compare it to your organization’s culture to ensure cultural fit.


Assess personality across six different dimensions with our validated personality questionnaire.

Situational Judgment

Let candidates experience the job and see how they respond
to life-like situations.

Cognitive Ability

Challenge and assess both cognitive and problem-solving abilities through verified assessment games.

Language Proficiency

Effectively assess the language proficiency of your candidates in 42 different languages.

Skill Games

Challenge candidates on various hard skills and make sure you match the right person to the vacancy.

AI Matching Algorithm
for True Data Driven Hiring

Leverage the power of AI through our proprietary self-learning matching algorithm that gets better over time. With every candidate that passes through Harver, the platform optimizes the factors that are predictive for quality for hire.

Support your hiring decisions with proven science and data. Harver’s assessments were designed and vetted by industry leading neuroscientists and psychologists.

Hiring Algorithm

Use Video to Interview Candidates & Present Your Brand

See more candidates in less time. Let applicants record a video as part of their application process and give them the opportunity to present themselves to you.

Implement videos throughout your recruiting process and get candidates excited about your organization, culture and employees.


Optimal Candidate Experience

With Harver, applicants easily apply from the comfort of their homes. Offer them a seamless and engaging online application process and make sure every candidate has a positive candidate experience.

Harver shares assessment scores with the applicant showing them their strengths and areas to improve, making the hiring experience fun and engaging.

See it in Action

Complete Recruiter Dashboard

Connect assessment modules, build hiring flows and track your data,
all from one intuitive dashboard.

  • Setup Vacancies & Assessments
  • Branded Candidate Experience
  • Review Matched Candidates
  • Get Reporting & Analytics

Setup Vacancies & Assessments

Choose from a wide variety of assessments from the Harver assessment library and easily add them to your hiring sequence.

Build custom testing flows, connect them to your vacancies and start hiring in a data-driven way.

Branded Candidate Experience

Customize every hiring sequence, so it reflects your brand. Add your logo, videos, texts and questions in our easy to use editor. No programming skills needed!

Give your applicants a truly on-brand experience and show them exactly what you’re all about.

Review Matched Candidates

Candidate Screen Results

Harver’s embedded algorithms calculate a matching score for every applicant based on your organization’s preferences.

Find an overview of assessed candidates, review their matching scores and see who fits your organization and the job best in a split second!

Get Reporting & Analytics


Get actionable reports and analytics on your entire recruitment process. Find all the data you need and tap into the strength of true data-driven hiring.

Integrates with your favorite software

Technically Integrate Harver with your ATS or recruitment system, or use our free browser extension HarverX to fully automate your hiring process from end to end.


Success & Support

You don’t have to do it alone. Our customer support and talent matching experts are here to answer your questions, help you master predictive hiring, and make sure you’re getting the most out of our software.

Dedicated Matching Expert

Your dedicated matching expert will guide you from assessments flows setup to experience launch to ensure excellent hiring.

Recruiters Support

Dedicated 24/7 support team to help you and your team with questions and resolve any issues that may come along your way.

Candidates Support

Dedicated 24/7 candidate support to help your candidates with any questions they may have and ensure optimal candidate experience.

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