Redefine High-Volume Candidate Selection with Harver

And digitally transform your candidate selection process into an experience recruiters, hiring managers and candidates will love.

Eliminate Bias

Collect all the relevant data you need to make data-driven hiring decisions and eliminate unconscious bias.

Save Valuable Time

Let technology automate the laborious and repetitive tasks of your pre-hiring and selection process and save time for high-value activities.

Provide a Positive Experience

Transform your candidate selection process into an experience your recruiters, hiring managers and candidates will love.

Implement validated assessments. Fight unconscious bias.

Utilize unbiased, scientifically validated assessments in your selection process and start hiring based on data, instead of intuition.

Cognitive Ability




Culture Fit

Typing skills

Open Questions

Company Video

Video Portfolio

Choose from a wide variety of assessments

Harver comes equipped with 15 customizable assessment modules. From culture fit and cognitive ability to personality and multitasking, Harver ensures you have an optimal selection process in place.

Implement customized Situational Judgment Tests

Show candidates what to expect through Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) specifically tailored to your organization. Let them experience the job upfront and determine if there’s a mutual fit.


Rank candidates based on job and company fit

Take the guess-work out of the initial screening process. Harver ranks candidates based on job-fit and assessment performance.

Get actionable data on every candidate

You don’t have to be an I/O Psychologist to interpret Harver assessment results. Our intelligent matching technology translates results into actionable data.

Automate repetitive tasks. Save 80% of your time.

The majority of tasks in volume hiring are repetitive and don’t require human brainpower. Create smart automation workflows so you can focus on the things that do.

Create smart automation workflows

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks. Trigger automated actions based on candidate status or level of engagement, and streamline your entire selection process from ‘apply’ to ‘hire’.

Let candidates schedule interviews, hassle-free

Let candidates self-schedule interviews based on your availability. No more back and forth emailing and calling, but instant interview appointments straight into your calendar.

Provide a unique experience. Beat your competition.

The application process is one of the first interactions candidates have with your brand. Harver provides you with the tools necessary to create an engaging experience that candidates will love.


Make a great first impression

Create an exciting experience and impress candidates from the start.

Manage candidate expectations

Demonstrate what the job entails and manage candidate expectations.

Sell the job

Show candidates your culture and values and sell them the job.

Share Scores

Mobile First

Fast & Engaging

“We are excited that we have been able to build an application process that creates a positive experience for our applicants.”

Hayden Balow, People Data Analyst

Stay on top of your KPIs. Optimize over time.

Harver keeps track of all your hiring KPIs and presents them in an easy to understand, customizable dashboard.

Hiring metrics

From time to hire to application completion rate, Harver tracks all key hiring metrics throughout your application process.

Conversion metrics

Track drop off and conversion rates and optimize where necessary.

Candidate satisfaction

Get direct candidate satisfaction feedback on your hiring experience.

All Your Data, Safe and Secure.

Client trust and data security are critical to everything we do. Harver exceeds the industry standard when it comes to protecting your information.

Security features
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • SSO
  •  GDPR Compliant
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • SSO

Seamless integration with your ATS.

Harver integrates with all major ATSs for a seamless workflow across systems. Candidates get an uninterrupted experience, you get all your data in one place.

Dedicated support, every step of the way.

Success Manager

Your dedicated success manager helps you get the most out of Harver and see a tangible return on investment.

Candidate Support

We help your candidates with any questions they may have during their application process.

Matching Consultant

Our I/O Psychologists work with you from day one to implement Harver and build a process that’s unique to your company.

Integrations Support

Our technical implementations team sets up integrations with your current recruitment tech stack.

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