Reference Checking

Replace manual reference calls with an automated and collaborative process to hire more efficiently and confidently.

Make reference checks easier for everyone

While important, reference checks often fall short of providing critical information when done manually. They’re exhausting and time-consuming, so recruiters don’t do enough. Plus, many people are too uncomfortable or time-pressed to actually serve as a reference. Even worse, some candidates try to pass a friend or family member off as a former manager. 

With Harver’s reference checking solution, you get more references, faster, with less effort, while also finding a new source of passive job candidates 

Harver reference checking solution users experience:

24 hour

turnaround time

1.5 hours

effort saved per reference check

6 references

per check


of references become passive job candidates


candidates stopped that would have been bad hires

No wonder Harver is the #1 rated reference checking solution


Reliable and convenient reference checking

Automated Reference
Check Execution

All recruiters need to do is add the candidate’s contact info, and then candidates enter their references and kick-off the automated process themselves. References are invited to a short survey about the candidate, which can be completed in as quickly as two minutes on a mobile device. 

Reference Reports

Completed references are consolidated into a single report, generated on average in under 24 hours. Each report covers whether the references would hire/rehire the candidate and provides scores on work-related dimensions and quality of relationships. There’s also an option to capture additional, open-ended feedback from references.

Fraud Detection

Harver’s proprietary algorithm determines the legitimacy of each reference. Harver catches common tricks like when candidates pass family members off as former managers or self-complete their own reference checks. The solution flags fraud that might otherwise slip by undetected – which would normally be as high as 5% of candidates.

Passive Candidate Capture

At the end of each survey, references are asked about their interest in hearing about careers at your organization. Typically, 52% of references “opt-in,” creating at least three new passive candidates per reference check, on average. Passive candidates can be exported and brought into your CRM, generating a new pool of candidates to help fill other open positions.