A Complete Process Overhaul

Albert Heijn found out that there was an increasing discrepancy between what candidates expected from working at Albert Heijn and what it eventually turned out to be. A large part of this discrepancy was rooted in the way the initial preselection mehtod was built. Nynke de Jong, Graduate Recruiter at Ahold Delhaize (parent company of Albert Heijn) explains: “Before TalentPitch, candidates would just send their resumes and cover letter, followed by a capacity test. It was truly a preselection based on paper documents.”

Instead of just asking for documents and making a choice based on that, Albert Heijn wanted to inform the candidates about the job more and improve the overall candidate experience. It was also mandatory that the new selection process would be a data driven one. It had to provide the recruitment team with the tools and datapoints necessary to make decisions based on more than just a resume and capacity test.

“What normally would take us five months now takes only two!”

Nynke de Jong
Graduate Recruiter – Ahold Delhaize

“Now we actually see something from a candidate!”

Albert Heijn had one clear vision: “Know what resonates with your audience and build your preselection funnel around that”. It’s easy to line up a few assessments and show a corporate video, but if that doesn’t resonate with your target audience it’s useless.

“The goal was to automate our high volume selection process and decrease the amount of mismatches. The way the Albert Heijn TalentPitch is built illustrates that: The host accompanies candidates on a virtual journey through the office, tells something about the history of Albert Heijn and lets them feel the ‘overall vibe’. After that, she asks the candidate to fill in some information after which the journey continues. There’s a fine balance between showing and asking, it’s automated and manages expectations perfectly.” 

Backbone of the preselection process are the situational judgment tests. Here, candidates get a taste of what it’s really like to work at Albert Heijn. By examining how an applicant responses in certain situations, it’s possible to see if a candidate suits the job and culture or not. “Now we actually see something from a candidate. More of their personality and competencies. With that data, we can make better hiring decisions.” 

What Applicants Say:

And the results show for it

Since TalentPitch is part of the preselection process at Albert Heijn, candidate satisfaction is extremely high with 87% of candidates rating the experience with a ‘good’ or ‘awesome’. Due to the informative nature of TalentPitch, candidates are able to assess if the job fits their needs as well. “This element of self-selection means there are less candidates we have to reject, which in turn contributes to a positive brand perception.”