Retail hiring in 2021:
go digital or go home.

How leading retailers tackle decentralized hiring challenges in the year to come.

About this webinar

2021 will be a defining year for retailers. As a leader in retail recruitment, you might even be facing your most challenging year yet. It is clear that digital transformation is mission critical to bouncing back and coming out on top. Are you ready?

In this webinar, we’ll show you what challenges await you and how the world’s leading retailers have prepared to overcome them. Afterwards, you will:

About the speakers:

Barend Raaff

CEO, Harver

Barend is Harver's co-founder and CEO. A true digital innovator who is on a mission to change recruitment.

Linn Hadenius

Senior People Science Consultant


40 minutes

Supporting Guests:

Caitie McCollow

Host and Product Specialist

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