Show applicants your organization

One experience for all your applicants

TalentPitch gives your applicants a realistic job preview. During an immersive online experience, they get to know your company, culture and the job they apply for. Applicants self-select from the comfort of their home.

Implement various assessments

Test their skills & personality in a fun way

Each job has unique skill & personality requirements. Take your candidates through a selection of quizzes and puzzles to test their suitability in an engaging manner. In the meantime, TalentPitch collects success predicting data.

Let your recruiters make hiring decisions based on data

Let recruiters make data-driven hiring decisions

No more need to read thousands of applications: Harver automatically matches job and candidate profiles – you’ll have instant access to those candidates best suited for the job.

TalentPitch generates feedback reports to give applicants a positive experience

Give candidates a positive experience – even when rejected

Candidates put a lot of effort in applying – and rejection can be tough. Upon completing TalentPitch, candidates receive a personalized report which highlights their best skills to use in future applications.

Easy implementation

Our experienced consultants guide you through every step of the implementation process.

Seamless ATS integration

TalentPitch connects easily to all major ATS’s. Is your ATS not yet available? Let us know and we’ll get right into it!

Accessible across devices

Let applicants apply whenever they want, wherever they want, on whichever device they prefer.