23 Best HR Conferences To Attend In 2019

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HR Conferences 2019

HR conferences are a great place to network, learn about advancements in your industry, and even learn a new skill or two.

However, there are dozens and dozens of conferences out there. With new events popping up every day, it can be difficult to know which are really worth your time.  Luckily, we did the research for you.

For those in the HR industry looking for a great event to attend, here are the top 23 conferences taking place in 2019.

A quick overview of best HR conferences for 2019

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HR Vision – Amsterdam

When: 23-24 May, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From€1,099

HR Vision offers a series of conferences and events, including their HR conference in Amsterdam. HR Vision brings in professionals from major global organizations, including IBM, Google, and Cisco, giving you a technology-inspired look into the world of Human Resources. HR Vision will give you the tools you need to build an empowered workplace for employees and new hires.

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HR360 European Summit

When: 04 – 05 June, 2019

Where: Vienna, Austria

Price: From €1,299

HR360 European Summit attracts some of the largest names in the industry. With HR professionals from Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and SAP – just to name a few – this two-day conference is packed with great insights and information. The HR360 European Summit Advisory Board ensures each piece of conference content reflects the latest trends and touches on real pain points and challenges HR professionals face every day.

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CIPD Festival of Work

When: 12-13 June 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: From £499 + VAT

More than 7,000 attendees, over 130 speakers and 9 stages: that’s what you can expect at the Festival of Work in 2019. The event consists of 3 conferences – Learning & Development, HR Technology, and Future of Work. Do you want to know how you can leverage technology in HR or what role L&D can play in shaping your overall business strategy? Then this conference can be the perfect fit for you.

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Onboard London


When: 18 June, 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: From £51.23

The first edition of Onboard London will welcome speakers from IBM, Netflix, Condé Nast Publications, and more. HR representatives from these organizations will guide you through the future trends in HR, onboarding and employee experience. This one-day event is also a great opportunity to network with over 200 other HR professionals.

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HRD Summit/Europe

When: 19-20 June, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €895 + VAT

The HRD EU Summit brings together over 300 HR leaders from around the world. While 2019 speakers have yet to be announced, past guests include senior HR professionals from companies like Heineken, P&G, and Nestle. The HRD EU Summit offers a great opportunity to network, as well as learn something new about the future of talent.

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Beyond-HRBeyond HR Forum

When: 20-21 June, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €895 + VAT

While there isn’t a lot of information available for Beyond HR Forum at this time, the conference has always been one of the best networking and learning opportunities for HR professionals. In the past, Beyond HR Forum has featured guests from LinkedIn, WeWork, Futurist, and more, so there is no doubt the 2019 lineup will have the same high-level speakers.

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London HR Summit

When: 25 September, 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: Free

Like the Manchester HR Summit, the London HR Summit is a one-day event connecting suppliers and delegates within the HR industry. However, the London HR Summit focuses on senior HR professionals directly responsible for their organizations Human Resources department. The London HR Summit is a great opportunity to discover better ways of doing business while also creating strong networking relationships.

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Unleash World Conference & Expo

When: 22-23 October 2019

Where: Paris, France

Price: TBD

The 9th annual Unleash World Conference & Expo is hosted in Paris in 2019, showcasing the future of workforce technology. While the details on Unleash 2019 are still up in the air, past events have included exhibitors from Workday, Avature, and Oracle. This event brings together HR professionals from over 100 countries, making it a great opportunity to gain a global perspective on the future of talent.

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When: TBD

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: TBD

Onboard.Amsterdam brings together HR professionals from all over the world to talk about all things onboarding and employee experience. At this event, you can attend various inspirational talks and participate in workshops lead by HR and Talent leaders from companies like Netflix, IBM or Indeed. Make the most out of the networking opportunities and connect with the other innovators to bring the employee experience at your company to the next level.

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Manchester HR Summit

When: 14 February, 2019

Where: Manchester

Price: Free

The Manchester HR Summit is a one-day event focusing on those working in the HR industry. This event brings together suppliers and delegates, allowing HR professionals to discuss new ways to strengthen hiring and employee satisfaction while also improving the organization’s bottom line. At the Manchester HR Summit, you can build business relationships that can help your HR department work more efficiently.

Check out the 2020 event here!


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United States


Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

When: 24-26 April 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: From $995

The Human Resource Executive Health & Benefits Leadership Conference helps HR professionals create a benefits package that accurately supports and provides for employees. At this event, attendees will learn best practices and tips, as well as how to create a competitive advantage through benefits packages.

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Unleash America

When: 14-15 May 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: From $1,095

Unleash America in 2019 will focus on using AI and machine learning within HR. With past speakers such as Sir Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, Unleash America is a great opportunity to discuss the future of HR technology and business as a whole. Some major themes for Unleash America 2019 include work evolution, digital transformation, people tech, and employee experience.

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ATD International Conference & Exposition

When: 19-22 May 2019

Where: Washington D.C.

Price: From$1,495

The ATD International Conference & Exposition is the largest talent development event in the world. With over 10,000 attendees and 400 speakers, this event has something for everyone. ATD 2019 includes local workshops, over 300 sessions, and even an opening keynote from Oprah Winfrey. It’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss.

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Greenhouse Open

When: 12-13 June 2019

Where: New York, New York

Price: From $935

Details on Greenhouse’s Open Conference are minimal, but it does promise to be bigger and better than ever before. In 2018, the event came to New York City to help facilitate a conversation about the future of talent. Over the course of two days, over a thousand talent leaders participated in peer learning, panels and presentations, and workshops. The 2019 conference should have a similar structure.

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Culture Summit

Culture Summit

When: 25-27 June 2019

Where: San Francisco, California

Price: From $849

Culture Summit is a cross-industry conference bringing together culture champions who are ready to develop company cultures that get results. Attendees can network, learn best practices, and discover new trends that can increase employee engagement, team performance, and attract high-quality talent. Culture Summit also attracts some of the largest names in business, such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and more.

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HR Technology Conference & Exposition

When: 1-4 October 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: From $425

HR technology is rapidly changing and it’s important for talent professionals to stay on top of how those changes are influencing the industry. The HR Technology Conference & Exposition is one of the best places to learn more about advancements in tech, as well as how they can be applied to enhance an organization’s HR department. The annual event has been running for over 20 years, making it a staple on this list.

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Hiring Success

Hiring Success Conference 2019

When: 26-27 February 2019

Where: San Francisco, California

Price: $495+

Hiring Success 2019 brings together the best industry speakers and exceptional content. The attendees can participate in numerous hands-on learning and working sessions, including a Hackathon and Recruiting Startup Competition. If you’re looking for an opportunity to network with the brightest minds in Talent Acquisition, Hiring Success 2019 is the place to be.

Past Hiring Success speakers include Lou Adler, Bill Boorman, William Tincup, Matt Charney, Marie Kofler from Bosch, Sam Sepah from Google, Emily Campana from LinkedIn, and many more. You can look forward to a similarly attractive agenda in 2019.

Check out the 2020 event here!

Rest of the World

HR Festival Asia

HR Festival Asia

When: 8-9 May 2019

Where: Suntec, Singapore

Price: From SG$985

HR Festival Asia is a combination of two events – HR Technology Conference & Exposition and HR Summit – designed to create an all-in-one experience for HR professionals. With over 5,000 HR leaders gathering in Singapore, HR Festival Asia is an awesome opportunity to network, check out the latest HR tech solutions, and learn more about how HR is changing.

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SHRM Tech 2019

When: 23-24 May 2019

Where: Hyderabad, India

Price: From INR 21,400

The Society for Human Resource Management’s HR Tech Conference is one of the biggest talent events in Asia. The event brings together over 950 delegates and 70 speakers, including the CEO of SHRM. While the details of the 2019 event are still being finalized, it’s sure to attract the same high-level professionals.

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Future of HR

Future of HR Summit

When: 12-13 June 2019

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

Price: R5,500

The Future of HR Summit 2019 starts conversations about some key focus areas for the talent and recruitment industry, including bridging the gap between Gen Z and Millennials, why most companies fail at in-house recruitment, and how to thrive in the new skills economy. Visitors can experience 6 breakaway sessions, 1-on-1 meetings, and over 30 speakers.

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HR Tech Summit Toronto

When: 18-19 June 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada

Price: From C$143

HR Tech Summit Toronto provides attendees with an opportunity to engage with your peers, gain exclusive insights, actively participate and exchange ideas, and hear innovative ideas. The event attracts around 1500 HR professionals, creating a great opportunity to network with innovators and industry leaders. HR Tech Summit Toronto also features speakers from top companies such as Facebook and Indeed.com.

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HR Innovation Tech Fest

HR Innovation & Tech Fest

When: 18-19 November 2019

Where: Sydney, Australia

Price: AUD 2,400

The HR Innovation & Tech Fest is a great place to learn how to apply the latest tech advancements to your employee engagement and hiring strategies. The 2018 event brought in over 900 attendees and over 100 speakers, including leaders from Oracle, Workday, Amazon, Microsoft, and more.

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HRPA 2019

When: 30 January-01 February 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada

Price: From$1,615

HRPA is the largest annual HR conference in Canada. The 2019 event focuses on work climate and how to create a positive climate change at work. While HRPA is for HR professionals, visitors will get to experience keynotes from individuals in a variety of industries. The 2019 line up includes activists, bestselling authors, and education leaders.

Choosing the Event for You

There are dozens of great HR conferences and events all around the globe, all of which are a great opportunity to connect and engage with other professionals in your industry. If you’re looking for a conference where you can learn more about the world of Human Resources, any on this list can give you strong insights, ideas, and motivation to create a strategy that gets results.

Before booking your ticket, check out the agenda, speakers, and topics to ensure that you can make the most of your attendance.

If you’re unable to attend a conference, don’t worry. Many events post videos, slides, and other updates following the event, so you can still get some awesome tips right from your computer!

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