30 Best Recruiting Conferences To Attend In 2019

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Recruiting Conferences 2019

Recruiting conferences are an excellent opportunity to learn what’s new in the industry and network with others in the field.

With that being said, there are countless conferences out there, with new events being added all the time. This can make it challenging to determine which events are most worth your while. That’s why we did some digging and found the best of the best for you.

If you work in the recruiting industry and you’re looking for events to attend in 2019, check out the 30 best recruiting conferences taking place this year.

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Sourcing Summit Europe 2019

When: 8-10 October 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €499

This event invites “risk takers, game changers, people finders, tool tinkerers and talent geeks” to join them for the Sourcing Summit in 2019. This European summit is an excellent way to collaborate, network, and hear first hand from some of the brightest minds in recruiting. If you can’t make the event in Amsterdam, you can also buy a digital pass to access all the talks at the summit.

Register here.

TalentCon2019 TalentCon 2019

When: 7 November 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €60

This 1-day event will bring together over 750 recruitment & HR experts to explore the future of talent acquisition. TA leaders from companies like Uber, The Next Web, and Indeed will share their perspectives on where recruitment is headed. The conference will be packed with innovative ideas and you can be sure you’ll leave with a lot of actionable tips to bring your talent acquisition game to the next level.

Register here.

Tech Rec

Tech Rec Berlin

When: 21-22 November 2019

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price: From €2,695

Tech Rec Berlin is dedicated to tackling challenges related to finding and hiring talent. At this year’s event, you can expect to learn precise insights into the best practices, challenges, and know-how in tech recruiting. More than 45 industry speakers will cover topics related to navigating software and tech recruiting.

Register here.

Talent Summit

Talent Summit

When: 27 February 2019

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Price: TBD

Talent Summit showcases the latest and greatest thinking in talent topics, with a mission to build better workplaces and working lives in today’s complex work world. While many of the 2019 event details are still being finalized, this year’s summit promises over 25 expert speakers on talent attraction and retention strategies.


RecPlus Conference

When: 5-6 March 2019

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Price: From €799

Networking is a major part of the RecPlus Conference, and the event promises the best networking with peers you’ll find anywhere. Attendees in 2019 can expect to learn about global recruitment trends, emerging markets, smart use of data and technology, facing and embracing disruption, and more.

Check out the 2020 event here!

Global Recruiter Summit

The Global Recruiter Summit 2019

When: 6 March 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: Free for executives in staffing, £1,500 for others

This year’s Global Recruiter Summit will focus on diversity in recruitment, celebrating “the power of difference.” The agenda includes panels on the power of diversity, diversity demand, and diversity to inclusion. In addition to educational keynote presentations, there will also be breaks throughout the day for refreshments and networking.


UNLEASH Conference & Expo

When: 19-20 March 2019

Where: London, UK

Price: From £250

The theme for UNLEASH 2019 is the Future of Work, showcasing smarter ways of working that are powered by technology. With more than 130 speakers across two action-packed days, this event is certain not to disappoint. Speakers will share the latest and greatest insights on work, workforce technologies, and what will redefine the industry in the future.

Check out the 2020 event here!

TAtech Europe 2019

When: 9-10 May 2019

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Price: From €558

TAtech Europe 2019 will focus on advancing recruitment advertising and technology. This event promises to provide unmatched opportunities for networking and exploring trending ideas and developments in recruiting. While some of the 2019 details are still being worked out, this year’s conference will include a job board forum for covering cutting-edge technology developments, research findings, innovative business practices, and more. There will also be an industry congress, offering discussions and debates among thought leaders on trending issues that are critical to effective performance and growth.  


SourceCon Europe

When: 21-22 May 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: From €560

SourceCon Europe will highlight the stories of sourcing. From a hackathon and innovation labs to invaluable industry insights, this event is perfect for those looking to learn more about innovative recruiting. Some speaker topics include recruiting international candidates, automation, storytelling, purpose-driven recruitment, and other great themes.


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United States

SRSCSocial Recruiting Strategies Conference Philadelphia

When: 6-8 August 2019

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Price: From $1,395

If you’re looking to reinvent your recruitment strategy, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Philadelphia is the best place to go to. You can explore the use of content marketing and Instagram in recruitment, get tips on how to boost employee advocacy, or learn how to build your employer branding program from scratch. Talent experts from Macy’s, Siemens and many other organizations will lead you through all things social media recruiting.

Register here.


NAPS 2019 Conference

When: 22-24 September 2019

Where: San Antonio, Texas

Price: From $800

More than 400 attendees are expected at the NAPS 2019 Conference, a premier educational opportunity for those in recruiting and staffing. Many details for this event are still pending; however, past years have included keynote presentations by award-winning authors and industry experts.

Register here.

TaTech LogoTAtechNorthAmerica 2019

When: 24-26 September 2019

Where: Austin, Texas

Price: From $680

This conference is actually two events in one: The World Job Board Forum and The TAtech Industry Congress. Dive into the newest developments in the talent acquisition technology industry and what impact they have on your recruiting efforts. Learn from the leaders of the industry and make the most of talent acquisition tech solutions!

Register here.

EREERE Recruiting Conference Washington D.C.

When: 14-16 October 2019

Where: Washington D.C.

Price: From $790

Do you want to discover the latest tactics and strategies in enterprise talent acquisition? This edition of the ERE Recruiting Conference will be full of real-life examples of succeeding in the candidate-driven job market that will help your business grow faster. Don’t miss out on the presentations by CIA, Amazon, Philips, or Hilton!

Register here.

HireConf LogoHireConf

When: 22 October 2019

Where: New York, New York

Price: $319+

How can you make AI and machine learning a part of your recruitment tech stack? What sourcing and recruiting tools can you use to automate your workflow? HireConf is the perfect place to educate yourself about tech innovation beyond the buzzwords and get inspired by other hiring experts!

Register here.

RecruitConRecruitCon Nashville 2019

When: 14-15 November 2019

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Price: $999+

Organized by Recruiting Daily Advisor, this conference helps talent acquisition professionals to win the competition for top talent. You can learn about the latest recruiting strategies and trends that you can innovate your talent acquisition process with. This year’s topics include brand messaging, sourcing strategies, data analytics, and more.

Register here.

Talent Management Summit

Talent Management Summit

When: 29-30 January 2019

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

Price: $1,595+

The Talent Management Summit 2019 program is focused on embracing a fully digital workforce. Case studies, roundtables, and panels will cover topics like future-proofing your workforce, meaningful employee experiences, talent analytics, performance management, and moving away from performance ratings.

Register here.


Social Recruiting Strategies Conference San Francisco

When: 30 January-01 February 2019

Where: San Francisco, California

Price: From $1,495

This year’s Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC) will highlight how to improve your social strategy with best practices and data-driven solutions. Over three exciting days, you can discover the latest, most relevant trends in recruiting and technology. The event will also include hands-on workshops, designed to equip you with frameworks you can integrate into your own social recruiting strategy.


The i4cp 2019 Conference

When: 11-14 March 2019

Where: Scottsdale, Arizona

Price: From $2,495

The i4cp 2019 Conference offers the opportunity to network with peers—not vendors and consultants. You’ll gain actionable insights that move beyond best practices and focus on next practices and discover how talent programs can transform your business. Sessions include themes like the disruption of work, employing people with disabilities, reinventing jobs with automation, and more insightful topics.

Check out the 2020 event here!

Work Human

WorkHuman 2019

When: 18-21 March 2019

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Price: From $1,795

WorkHuman 2019 promises to deliver an experience unlike any other. The event will focus on compelling topics like bringing humanity to the workplace, diversity, equality, and creating cultures of community. Past speakers have included Michelle Obama, Michael J. Fox, and other inspiring thought leaders.


SHRM 2019 Talent Conference & Exposition

When: 8-10 April 2019

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Price: From $1,445

Talent is everything—that’s what SHRM is focusing on at this year’s Talent Conference & Exposition. From generation-based recruiting to workplace flexibility, this conference will cover a wide range of insightful topics in more than 80 sessions. Attend this event to learn more about harnessing data and analytics, reinventing interviews, using assessments, reducing turnover, criminal records in hiring, and more. This conference offers the chance for attendees to earn an SHRM Certification.


ERE Recruiting Conference San Diego

When: 22-24 April 2019

Where: San Diego, California

Price: From $695

If you’ve wondered about recruiting in a candidate-driven market, then this year’s ERE Recruiting Conference is the perfect fit for you. Some of the major areas of focus at the 2019 event include improving the hiring process, college recruiting, recruitment marketing, candidate experience, and more.


RecruitCon Austin 2019

When: 9-10 May 2019

Where: Austin, Texas

Price: From $1,295

RecruitCon 2019 is a great way to gain access to the latest recruiting strategies, while also networking and earning professional development credits. At this event, you’ll learn how to: create a team of employee advocates, build a sourcing strategy that really works, automate time-consuming tasks, draft effective counter offers and other compelling topics.

Indeed Interactive

Indeed Interactive

When: 13-15 May 2019

Where: Austin, Texas

Price: From $599

Indeed’s fifth annual event focuses on finding solutions to the greatest hiring challenges—and this year promises to be the largest interactive to date. Gain a fresh perspective and learn actionable strategies to take home with you during breakout sessions by talent professionals, best-selling authors, and more.

Check out the 2020 event here!


Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

When: 10-12 June 2019

Where: Denver, Colorado & Online

Price: From $695

HCI’s 2019 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference is a great chance to discover the latest in talent acquisition, learn with on-the-job application, and connect with peers and industry experts. Learn new strategies for building a strong talent pipeline, such as strategic partnerships, assessment techniques, employment branding, predicting talent gaps, AI for recruiting, and more. If you can’t attend the in-person event, you can also purchase a digital pass to gain access through your computer.

Talent 42

Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference

When: 11-12 June 2019

Where: Seattle, Washington

Price: From $695

The Talent42 Tech Recruiting Conference is focused on helping recruiters hire top technology talent. This annual event attracts companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Disney, Nike, NBC, and more, as they seek to learn more about sourcing, interviewing, and hiring the best tech talent there is.

Check out the 2020 event here!


Rest of the World

World Employment ConferenceWorld Employment Conference 2019

When: 30 October-01 November 2019

Where: Queensland, Australia

Price: From AU$2,199 + GST

Discuss what leadership looks like nowadays, along with critical trends and insights that you won’t want to miss, at the World Employment Conference 2019 in Australia. This event, jointly hosted by the World Employment Confederation and RCSA Australia & New Zealand, will bring together many talent leaders to address important industry issues on a world stage.

Register here.

AHCDCAsia Human Capital Development Conference

When: 12 March 2019

Where: Seri Kembangan, Malaysia

Price: From RM388

The Asia Human Development Conference is an annual gathering of over 500 leading industry professionals. The 2019 event is themed “Developing the Future ‘Now’ Talents” and focuses on today’s diverse, ever-evolving business environment. 20 speakers will cover topics like building talents in uncertainty, the digital human, and agility and creativity in the workplace.

Check out the 2020 event here!


Talent Management Asia

When: 19-20 March 2019

Where: Hong Kong, China

Price: From HKD 690

Talent Management Asia is a two-day event focused on delivering best practices in talent management, acquisition, and retention. Major themes you can expect at this conference are creating talent experience, the changing face of HR leadership, transformation in talent management, and developing an adaptive culture and agile leaders. Companies in attendance last year included McDonald’s, Oracle, Miramar Group, UPS Hong Kong, Hasbro Hong Kong, and more noteworthy names.

Top Talent Summit

Top Talent Summit

When: 10-11 April 2019

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Price: From C$695

The Top Talent Summit promises you will walk away with what’s next in talent acquisition, analytics intelligence to be more effective in your role, secrets to creating an inclusive hiring process, design thinking principles to create new talent acquisition programs and processes, and more.


Australasian Talent Conference 2019

When: 19-20 June 2019

Where: Sydney, Australia

Price: From AU$1,950

At ATC2019, the focus is on high-performance talent function and how the right tools and technology can increase the capacity and capability of those in the talent acquisition business. Some themes you can expect to cover at the conference include intelligent use of technology, intelligent organizations, shared intelligence, and intelligent questions. The impressive speaker lineup includes industry experts from Deloitte, Gartner, and more.

Check out the 2020 event here!


Choosing the Right Event

There are a ton of great recruiting conferences held all over the world each year. These events present an excellent opportunity to learn about new advancements in recruitment and to connect with other professionals in the industry. If you’re on the hunt for a conference that can provide you more insight into the talent acquisition biz, then any of the ones on this list can offer you the insights and inspiration you’re looking for.

Before you register and make travel plans, you should make sure to do your homework on the event: Review the conference agenda and who’s speaking to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

If a conference seems out of reach at the moment, there’s a solution for that too! Many events post recap videos, photos, and content following the event—meaning you can still discover helpful insights and tips from your computer.

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