Nominate Your Colleagues for a 2024 LIFT Award

Exciting news for innovative talent leaders and professionals: Nominations are now open for the 2024 Harver LIFT Awards!

For talent teams in particular, the past year has been a wild ride. Let’s celebrate mission-driven innovation that supports better outcomes for employers and job seekers. Read on for the latest about 2024 LIFT Award nominations and more.

What's in?

2024 LIFT Awards Nominations

You can recognize any Leading Innovators For Talent you know by nominating them by June 15, 2024. Visit our LIFT Awards page and fill in a few quick details. Then we’ll announce LIFT Awards recipients as soon as we can.

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Spotlight on previous recipient: Tanmay Manohar, Paramount

Tanmay Manohar

Vice President, People Analytics & Workforce Planning

About the Harver LIFT Awards

The Harver LIFT Awards honor individuals in our community who recognize hiring is truly about people, who are innovating in the HR space, who are using technology strategically, and who see talent acquisition as a creative and human-centered endeavor.

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Picture of Keith Leong
Keith Leong
Posted on:
May 28, 2024

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