5 Interview Questions to Improve Employee Retention

What Questions Can You Ask During an Interview That Can Improve Employee Retention?

According to recent research, agent turnover rate in 2022 was a historically high 38%.

With employee retention such a challenge, what are some of the best strategies to ensure call center employees remain committed to the position?

The solution depends, in part, on deciding exactly what to ask candidates in an interview. Asking the right interview questions can be an effective way to find employees who will stick around.

5 Questions to Ask Candidates in an Interview

There are a variety of tools that can be used for talent assessment during the candidate selection process. For instance, Harver’s behavioral assessments can help you accurately predict fit for a live agent role. Tip: Our science-validated assessments can help your organization measure the important qualities of customer service.

Interviews present advantages by allowing hiring managers to build a rapport with their candidates and get a better feel for their communication styles, however organizations would be wise to use interviews – and the questions they ask within them – carefully.

Using the interview process to identify if an employee will likely remain committed to a call center position is both effective and essential. But, like any interview, it’s important to ask questions relevant to the position.

Ask your candidates some of these questions below to get an idea if they’ll be an employee who will stick around.

1. Why do you want this job?

Simple, and one of the most effective interview questions. The answer a candidate gives and the reasons for their answer will give you plenty of insight into whether the potential employee will be sticking around for the long haul or simply working for a paycheck until their next job.

Keep an eye out for answers involving dedication to the position. Are they looking to grow within the company and asking about career opportunities? Do they seem excited when talking about their desires for the position and the chance to work at your company? These are tell-tale signs that the candidate-in-question will be invested in their career – both in the present and in the future.

2. Why are you leaving the job you have now?

Moving on from a job isn’t necessarily a sign that the candidate will take off quickly, but it’s important to understand why the candidate is leaving all the same. The answer to this question, and how the candidate follows their answer, is very important to understanding if they’re a dedicated employee. Look for an employee who reflects positively on their previous company, but is invested in themselves and a company that can help them grow their career.

3. Have you ever had a conflict with your manager?

This is a tough question for candidates to answer. Of course nobody wants to admit they’ve had issues with their superior, but if a candidate can talk about a disagreement over how to handle a particular call, and how the candidate and his or her manager resolved their disagreement on handling said call, it can show that the candidate is invested in growing, willing to learn from mistakes, and humble enough to work with his superiors.

If a candidate is willing to invest the effort and time to coming to a resolution about a solution to a customer issue, chances are they’re willing to invest the time in a company that will respect and hear them out as well.

4. How would you handle an angry customer?

Angry customers are nothing new to a call center, but an employee who will last a long time will be able to handle the upset customer calling up and saying any number of things that could be hurtful. Look for candidates who seem confident in themselves and self-assured when answering this question. This question not only measures the candidate’s ability to perform the job, but also if they’re likely to have positive experiences during the position. The better a candidate is able to handle the pressures of a call center, the less likely they are to quit out of the frustration and pressures of a call center.

5. How do you enjoy working in a call center?

A great question for candidates who have already had some call center experience is to ask them about how they’ve enjoyed working in one. Look for positive experiences and enthusiasm over their previous roles over someone who’s “going through the motions” with their answer and giving you what you want to hear. If a candidate likes what they do, they’re going to stay dedicated to their role.

Effective interview questions provide good information about your candidates. Focus on the answers these questions provide to help measure how dedicated a potential employee will be to the company.

To learn more about assessing call center candidates quickly and effectively, take a look at Harver’s hiring solutions for BPOs.

Harver Team

Harver Team

Posted on:
August 15, 2023

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