5 Reasons You Need a 5-Star Recruiting Solution

Harver's 5-Star Recruiting Software Award from HRD (Human Resources Director)

I’m happy to announce that HRD (Human Resources Director) named Harver a 5-Star Software and Technology Provider 2023.  

Each year, HRD showcases the best software and technology providers serving the HR industry. Harver’s recognition in the Recruitment Software category is based on interviews and surveys with HR professionals regarding their satisfaction with current market tech offerings. It is an honor for us to be chosen by the industry as a best-in-class partner.  

In reflection, this award signals that organizations value having a single partner who can help them hire and grow talent better and faster. Why is this so critical now? Read on to learn 5 reasons why your organization needs a 5-star recruiting software solution like Harver. 

1. You have room to grow 

Did you know that only 26% of hiring organizations have a fully mature, Creative & Human-Centered approach to talent acquisition (TA)? Based on a TA Maturity Model developed by The Josh Bersin Company, the majority of companies are either Reactive & Fragmented (14%), Standardized & Structured (31%), or Proactive & Personalized (29%) in their TA practices.  

As more employers adapt to evolving technology and labor trends, they need knowledgeable partners and innovative solutions to meet them where they are on their TA journey – and to help them evolve their processes and strategies. This is why Harver is not resting on our laurels, despite already enabling hiring modernization for some of the most mature TA teams out there. Many other employers still need 5-star recruitment solutions, like Harver’s comprehensive selection of assessments

2. You’re facing a global candidate shortage 

Simply put, there aren’t as many working-age people in this generation as there were in prior generations. As Harver’s Chief Data Science Officer Frida Polli notes, “continued record low unemployment highlights the need to look for talent in a better way.” The 5-star path forward? Hiring for job fit and adopting solutions that enable fair hiring to level the playing field for all candidates. 

To enable the more effective approach of skill-based hiring, your organization needs objective data. As an example, Harver’s assessment portfolio is built on decades of predictive and unbiased science that allows HR leaders to develop a “skills taxonomy” of their existing workforce, including a list of traits and behaviors they want represented. From there, organizations can measure candidate assessment data against this skills taxonomy to determine if a candidate is the right fit for a given role. This data-driven approach matches job seekers to roles better and faster. It also expands candidate pools to include diverse talent who have the desired traits and behaviors but might otherwise be overlooked. 

Find hidden talent

With fairer hirer that expands your candidate pools and levels the playing field. 

3. Your candidates demand an engaging experience 

One thing we keep hearing from customers is that improving candidate experience is an ongoing battle. With market trends shifting to employers fiercely competing for talent, you need to meet modern candidate expectations with a modern experience that’s fast, convenient, and compelling for applicants. 

Our customers and other savvy companies are already using seamless ways to engage applicants and minimize drop-off. For instance, a leading global BPO customer saw candidate satisfaction hit 97.5% after implementing Harver’s end-to-end candidate experience solution. This innovative customer also decreased attrition by 45% and reduced vacancies by 400%. To achieve 5-star outcomes from HR tech, it helps to have a 5-star provider.  

4. You need proven efficiency to overcome uncertainty 

Due to the global workforce shortage and economic trends, employers are trying to do more with less. Growth requires two main inputs: labor, and productivity of that labor. Given the limited amount of potential employees available, it serves as the key disruptor in the HR industry. To continue growing, particularly during uncertain times like now, your company must be able to further augment the productivity of employees.  

You can do so by leveraging technology to uplevel human workflows and boost efficiency. In this case, Harver’s Hiring Process Optimization leverages candidate matching, intelligent automation, an on-brand candidate experience, and data-driven insights to allow companies to engage, hire, and grow talent faster, with far less effort.  

5. You’re prioritizing development and internal mobility 

Another way companies can augment labor productivity is by unlocking potential through employee development and internal mobility. In fact, Harver’s Chief People Officer, Laura Stanley, predicted the shift to internal mobility this year. For organizations that need to do more with less, a build vs buy approach makes sense and saves dollars: Hiring internally can save 20% compared to hiring externally. 

Harver’s assessment tech allows your company to determine the qualities that translate to success within a given role, set these qualities as a benchmark, and then measure employees against this benchmark using assessment results. From there, you and employees can collaborate to further develop certain necessary skills or to mobilize the employee into a better fitting role. An investment in employee development and mobility signals a tangible investment in your employees, which contributes to employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Award badge from Human Resources Director naming Harver as a 5-Star Recruiting Software solution

The 5-star solution your organization deserves 

As The Josh Bersin TA Maturity Model reveals, 3 out of 4 employers still have some work to do when it comes to modernizing their hiring processes.  

And as our 5-Star Software and Technology Provider 2023 award shows, Harver is uniquely able to support your needs, including: 

  1. Leveling up TA processes and strategies, 
  2. Finding more quality candidates,
  3. Delivering a top candidate experience,
  4. Increasing recruiter and HR efficiency, and
  5. Developing and mobilizing your workforce.

          Schedule a demo with one of our experts to learn how we best support your needs. Wherever your TA team currently stands maturity-wise, we’re here to help innovate your processes with Harver’s award-winning solutions.  

          Oliver Staehelin

          Oliver Staehelin

          Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Harver
          Posted on:
          June 13, 2023

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